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gimmie summa that bright summer stuff!
Avon Electric Shades Nailwear Pro April 2015

Avon Limited Edition Electric Shades Collection

Avon Electric Shades are wicked fun. They’re the kind of rich bright jewelly tones that I adore – a lot. Super shiny with flecks of shimmer and sparkle to give them depth, they’re just my cup of tea.

avon electric shades swatches

Avon Electric Shades Nailwear Reckless April 2015

Avon Reckless - electric shades 2015

Above: Avon Nailwear Pro Reckless. That’s two stupendously easy coats, friends. No top coat either – it’s nice ‘n shiny!

Avon Electric Reckless Mattified April 2015

Avon Reckless Mattified - electric shades 2015

Above: Reckless – Mattified. Aw yeah! It's like a summer sister to Formula X Valor and we all know how infatuated I was with that, right?

Avon Electric Shades Hottie April 2015

Avon Hottie - electric shades 2015

Above: Avon Hottie. Again, that’s just two coats and while it looks almost textured in the photo, rest assured it’s 100% smooth. What looks like texture is actually micro flakies with their light-reflective properties. It’s bold and bright. For me, it’s also #GimmieThat.

Avon Electric Shades Hottie Mattified April 2015

Avon Hottie Mattified - electric shades 2015

Above: Hottie – Mattified. With a coat of matte, you can really see the tiny bright flakies in there. This shade of electric pink is prolly my favourite kind of pink in the history of pink.

Avon Electric Shades Vibe April 2015

Avon Vibe - electric shades 2015

Above: Avon Vibe. S’like a shimmer-tastic ocean view from your beach lounge chair. While I like the colour some on my pale winter skin, it took three coats to get here and while it’s still winter, I think maybe…

Avon Electric Shades Vibe over Revlon Black Magic

Avon Vibe over Revlon Black Magic - electric shades 2015

Above: Vibe over Revlon Black Magic. Lookit that! Just lookit! That’s one coat of Vibe over one coat of my trusty Black Magic. It is good.

Avon Vibe over Revlon Black Magic Matte April 2015

Avon Vibe over Revlon Black Magic Mattified

Above: Vibe over Revlon Black Magic + Matte. That is all.

So my verdict? The stuff is good. It’s solid polish. Avon spends lots of dough on research and development and, globally, they’re huge. We tend to forget about this brand because it’s not readily available at the drugstore or at other mass market retailers but I tell ya what; if you can get your hands on it, I think you’re really gonna like it.

Avon Electic Shades_April 2015

Avon Electric Shades collection, April 2015

The Avon Electric Shades limited edition collection lands April 2015. There’s a shade I didn’t manage to get my digits in and it’s a Saucy yellow. From promo shots, the shade reminds me of OPI You’re So Flippy Floppy from the OPI Brazil Beach Sandies collection. I liked that yellow. I still have that yellow.

Where can you get the stuff? Online at or through an Avon independent sales rep.

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she needs another Helmer).