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Essie Resort 2015 Collection Suite Retreat et al

Essie Resort 2015 Collection

Essie Resort 2015 is available in the US at places like right now. Here in Canada, unless you're gonna order online from (yep, they gottit), we’ve gotta wait a bit. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at what we’ll be waiting for, right?

essie resort 2015 swatches

Essie resort 2015 Time For Me Time

Essie Time For Me Time - Resort Collection 2015

Above: Essie Time for Me Time. It’s a pretty pearly shimmery kinda sheer thingy that only really flashes pink or shows the shimmer in direct sunlight. Otherwise she’s just a nudey-beige-toned pinkish sheer .That’s two coats I’ve got on there. I stopped at two thinking that three would just look thicker and would still show visible nail lines. I think sheer with this one is really the way to go.

Essie Cocoa Karma Essie Resort 2015

Essie Cocoa Karma - Essie Resort 2015

Above: Essie Cocoa Karma. I like this nutty shade of creamy hazelnut (Essie is calling it "molten milk chocolate"). The consistency of this polish is stupendous. In two easy coats, that’s what you’ll get. The level is great, the shine is great, and really, what’s not to like? I mean it’s not a groundbreaking shade or anything but if you don’t have a shade like this, Cocoa Karma is an excellent choice.

Essie resort 2015 Stones N Roses

Essie Stones n' Roses - Resort Collection 2015

Above: Essie Stones n’ Roses. I’ma say this only one time. I like this colour and I didn’t expect to at all. Me ‘n peachy-pink corals just don’t go well together but looking at this, I can’t help diggin’ it. I think it’s the old school-ness of it maybe. And how many coats? Two. I used a little more on my brush than I’m used to in order to entice it to level. It did, but I didn’t get my usual good, clean lines around the cuticle. Maybe I shoulda done three thinner coats, huh?

Essie Resort 2015 Suite Retreat Essie

Essie Suite Retreat - Essie Resort 2015

Above: Essie Suite Retreat. Oooooh! Aaaaah! This is The Shade that makes this collection. It’s purdy and purple and also blue. Depending on what kinda lighting situation you find yourself in, it might be that you’ll look down and it’ll lean way more blue or it’ll be what I’m showing you there. I don’t care what kind of light it’s in, I still think it’s purdy. Oh – and the best part? OCW!!!! Yes, friends, a One-Coat Wonder. With exactly the right amount on your brush, you too can do it in one. If you can’t, no biggie, do it in two -- this here shade is worth wearin’.

Essie Resort 2015 Collection Swatches Beautygeeks

Essie Resort Collection 2015

For your further edification, by reader request, a couple a photos of the sticks I have littered all over The Salon. If you have things in mind, holla and if I have the sticks, I'll take the pics!

Essie Stones N Roses Comparison_Essie Resort 2015

essie stones n' roses comparison swatches

Essie Suite Retreat Comparison Swatch_Essie Resort 2015

essie suite retreat comparison swatches

That’s pretty much all I have to say about Essie Resort 2015. Another year, another four nice but somewhat uninspired shades. Don’t get me wrong though: the polishes themselves are fetching to sport and the formulas are really just swell. I'll repeat myself here and say that whatever Essie is doing in terms of formula is wicked good. And I’m always ready to break away from winter with Essie’s Spring any-year offerings. It's just that this year, I’ma pick Essie Spring 2015 waaaay over Resort.

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Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (oh hey, have you seen her Instagram?)