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i'm wearin' my hearts on my digits
Super Easy Valentine's Day Nails OPI + Revlon

ManiGeek's Super Easy Valentine's Day Nails

Need super easy Valentine’s Day nails? A really easy hit of V-Day nail art? I can show you how to do! Me! The master of all things nail art! Hahahaa!! Ooh, that was funny.

Easy Valentine Mani

ManiGeek's Super-Phenomenal Triumphant Valentine's Day Nail Art

I can’t art. At all. Nope. But I can take here this bottle of Revlon Top Speed Black Magic (my all-time favourite OCW!!! black polish) + this here other bottle of OPI Bearest of Them All, and do stuff.

Revlon Top Speed Black Magic

Revlon Top Speed Black Magic

OPI Bearest of them All Coca-Cola

OPI Bearest of Them All: Limited Edition Coca-Cola Collection 2014

I can do a single coat of Revlon Top Speed Black Magic followed by a single coat of OPI Bearest of them All and I can end up with super easy Valentine’s Day nails. Yep. I’m calling that art. I’m calling that a triumph.

Easy Valentine's Day Nails_3

Revlon Black Magic + OPI Bearest of Them All

You can do this too. S’easy. Fishing out the hearts and setting them aside to stick on with your dotting tool immediately after you do your coat of Bearest of them All is the hardest part. After that, slap on your fave top coat (I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat), let it dry, and you’re good to go.

For more information on all things Revlon (like the awesome OCW!! Black Magic) visit For all things OPI, as always, head to

You doin’ something special on your digits for Valentine’s Day? You gonna wear your hearts on your nails? 

Manicure by Karen Falcon