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I'm very nearly naked, but so, so strong!
Formula X Sheer Strength Collection 2nd

The Formula X Sheer Strength Collection Spring 2015

Formula X Sheer Strength is all about strengthening and nourishing your nails in one easy step. We’re talking about a nutrient-rich formula that’s supposed to be like a multi-vitamin for your nails. I don’t really know why your nails need vitamins when they be all made up of non-living keratin but there you are.

Formula X Sheer Strength Cloud Nine Swatch

Formula X Sheer Strength: Cloud Nine

Formula X Marvelous Sheer Strength Swatch

Formula X Sheer Strength: Marvelous

This line of polish is all about shiny sheer. It’s a 3-Free strengthening line that has all kinds of numbers backing it up. You can have a quick look at the Product Q & A right here

Formula X Sheer Strength Powerful

Formula X Sheer Strength: Powerful

Do I believe? Uh… maybe? But then again, consumer perception studies don’t mean much to me ‘cause I can’t see who the consumers were, how they used their hands, or what the condition of their nails was to begin with. There’s also no information on whether or not we’re talking about regular nail polish users.

Formula X Tenacious Sheer Strength Collection

Formula X Tenacious

My skepticism aside, the stuff goes on really, really nicely. Lotsa people say they have trouble with sheers goin’ all lumpy and bumpy but the brush and the formula in these Formula X Sheer Strength shades are good – great even! 

Formula X Sheer Strength Energetic

Formula X Sheer Strength: Energetic

Everything you see in my swatches is two simple coats. The bonus is that if you slap it up on your cuticles, nobody can see it!

Formula X Wondrous Sheer Strength

Formula X Wondrous

Regardless of how I feel about walking around in diaphanous shades, I know a whole whack of you are very fond of these floaty kinds of polishes. They’re smashing for those times you have no idea what to wear to an interview and they’re also smashing for those times you need a barely-there shade for a wedding.

Formula X Exhilarating Sheer Strength

Formula X Sheer Strength: Exhilarating

Formula X Sheer Strength Enduring Swatch

Formula X Sheer Strength: Enduring

Would I choose them for myself? Nope. But you know it’s only because I’m all about colour being seen and also heard. 

Formula X Sheer Strength Mighty

Formula X Sheer Strength: Mighty

I will say though that I’m a huge fan of Formula X polishes in general. They continue to push the envelope towards World Domination and I don’t think there’s a more solid brand out there doing as many interesting things as Formula X continues to do. They’re machines, man. They crank out great polish after great polish and I think they’re very rapidly becoming one of my Top 3 brands of… ever.

Formula X Fierce Sheer Strength Collection

Formula X Sheer Strength: Fierce

Formula X Sheer Strength 2015

The barely-there Formula X Sheer Strength Collection 2015

Formula X Sheer Strength ($13CAD) is available exclusively at

Finally, please enjoy these lovely links for the Spring 2015 Sea Glass Matte Collection, and my all-time fave Formula X Brushed Metallics Collection. Keep your eyes peeled too – I gotta feeling there’s gonna be more awesomesauce stuff from Formula X really, really soon.

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Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she wants to go to Iceland tooooo!)