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the makeup brand (again) showcases the visual artist with quite the day job
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Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson and Davis Factor

Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson with Davis Factor of Smashbox; via Instagram.

It is with some irritation that I write this little post about the upcoming Spring 2015 Smashbox + Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson collaboration. Whatever the partnership between cosmetic brand and visual artist yields won't be available to Canadians. Fun fact: Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson is Canadian, from Toronto, and one of the three founders of MAC Cosmetics. 

Even more fun-fact-y is that Robertson isn't now just a visual artist with an Instagram following of 117k. A former creative director with Condé Nast in the US, he launched Marie Claire. (And his wife Kim, an interior decorator, is a former Glamour editor; they met when he was at Condé Nast.) 

Bobbi Brown and Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson_he was the creative director for Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown and Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson; image via Instagram.

More recently, Robertson was head of creative development for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at Estée Lauder. According to this must-read Life+Times Q&A with Donald Robertson, he's now a "roving guest creative director" for the company, which also owns Smashbox. "I’ll spend time with a brand to help them shake stuff up and keep things fresh," he tells Life+Times. "I will work on branding, store design, and new product development."

Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson_Linda Rodin and Winks

Linda Rodin and Winks by Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson; via Instagram. Rodin is a fairly recent Estée Lauder company acquisition.

Incredibly, art is still Robertson's side gig, something he indulges in the early morning hours before commuting into Manhattan for his day job. He "doesn't believe in being a full-time artist," says this Scene profile.

Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson Fashion is Nuts

Fashion is Nuts by Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson; image via Instagram

Robertson calls his wonderfully quirky fashion illustrations "tongue and chic art." His canvases include walnut shells as per the above "Fashion is Nuts" series, as well as tote bags, spray bottles, gaffer tape, and J.Crew tees, and a big ol' Cadillac (you can read about that Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson Smashbox Cadillac on Oh, and lipstick-box sleeves for Smashbox, first as an exclusive for Colette in Paris, then again for the US; the Smashbox x Donald Robertson Be Legendary Lipstick in Bing is still available at

Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson for Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick_Spring 2015

Coming in Spring 2015 from Smashbox + Donald Robertson for the US only; via Instagram.

So, what's coming for Spring from Smashbox + Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson? At least more Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick special-edition packaging -- see above. But no further details here -- we're Canadian. 

UPDATE: Spring 2015 will definitely bring more Donald Drawbertson lipstick box sleeves, and gorgeous shades -- see this Instagram photo by Canadian editor Wing Sze Tang (who you first met here). Wing was in LA at the Smashbox studios; she confirms the limited-edition items won't be available north of the American border.

Donald Drawbertson Robertson 2015 calendar via Trendabl

A 2015 Donald Drawbertson Robertson calendar, $40 USd via

Keep an eye on Donald Robertson's Insta, though, as much for his beyond-adorable twin little boys as for his tongue-and-chic art. And if you just can't resist, you can absolutely purchase Donald Drawbertson Robertson prints via Trendabl (a 2015 calendar -- c'mon, 11 more months to go! -- and a "Donald Drew Me" tee are insanely affordable).

Are you familiar with Donald Robertson's artwork? Already a fan?