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OR: The Way of the Polish -- learning a polish's secrets before putting it on your nails
Flower Beauty Nail Polish_2

flower beauty nail polish - from drew barrymore

A couple of months ago, Janine told you about Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty cosmetics line finally landing in Canada. We got our digits in the polishes! Yes, we did!

flower beauty for nails

I didn’t manage to get a whack of sample shades but I did get enough of ‘em so that I think I can judge the line accurately. And what have I decided? I’ve decided it’s pretty. And good. 

Flower Beauty Polish PopTop Cap

flower beauty nail polish pop-top cap

The square top pops off to reveal the e-z-polish handle - I like that!

Flower Beauty Polish Bluebell of the Ball

flower beauty bluebell of the ball

There’s a thing I have about getting to know a polish before I manicure with it. What does that mean? It means I slap it on a swatch stick before I do anything else. Why is that a handy thing to do? Well, because it gives me a good feel for how the polish is going to apply. 

Flower Nail Polish Thistle or That

flower beauty thistle or that?

Sometimes you get it out onto your nail and you’re surprised by how it applies – it can be thinner or thicker than you thought and then you’ve got stuff on your nails that didn’t work out the way you thought it would. Stick swatching eliminates all that and learns me The Way of the Polish before I paint it on my nails.

Flower Beauty Polish Make My Daylily Beautygeeks

flower beauty make my daylily

Flower nail polish doesn’t apply the same way many mass market polishes do. It requires a thicker application that you might not be used to. I generally do thin, even coats and get to opaque in two. Flower needs two thick, even coats to level perfectly and reduce patchy bits. You can do it in two. I did.

Flower Beauty Polish Don't Be A Wallflower beautygeeks

flower beauty don't be a wallflower

If you’re armed with this information before you start polishing, you’ll invariably find this Flower nail polish is a breeze to work with. Add a tiny bit more than you think to your brush and the stuff goes on like magic. Skimp, and you’ll wonder what’s wrong with either your technique or the polish. See? You just gotta know The Way of the Polish.

Flower Beauty Polish Cosmos-politan

flower beauty cosmos-politan

I like the soft breezy feeling of the shades that were sent out and when I got to the metallic red, it was a brilliant surprise. The Flower nail polish from Drew Barrymore colours I got are kinda on target for spring, right? They're all sorts of sweetness and light and somewhat dreamy even if I’ve seen them all somewhere before.

flower beauty budding romance

flower beauty budding romance

For more information on Drew’s Flower Beauty nail polish 'n makeup line, visit

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (prolly over 100 bottles-o-polish on her desk right now)