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oh the power of bold lips and strong brows -- #iwannabeemmastone
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Emma Stone SAG Awards 2015 power lips and brows

Yep, I still wanna be Emma Stone. Her red-carpet game is killer. And I love her face. Gorgeous, and brilliantly expressive -- have you seen her reaction to Naomi Watts tripping over her -- Emma's -- train at the SAG Awards 2015? Have a look below, and then at Emma Stone's SAG Awards Dress Almost Killed Naomi Watts on

emma stone and naomi watts sag awards 2015.jpg
Emma Stone Naomi Watts trips at SAG Awards 2015.jpg

Best faces ever. (Nice save, Naomi!)

emma stone: sag awards 2015 makeup


"We made Emma's lips a powerful graphic statement -- her red lip was the only colour," says the actress and Revlon ambassador's longtime makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. "The effect wasn't glossy, but it wasn't matte -- it had a creamy, luxe feeling."


I love a vibrant lip, as you all know very well. I'm not so great at a strong brow for myself, though. But if I wanna be Emma Stone, I guess I better get to practicing. You?

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