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Chanel Reverie Parisienne Vernis Spring 2015

chanel le vernis: rêverie parisienne spring 2015

Chanel Rêverie Parisienne spring 2015 collection includes three happy polishes. You wanna see swatches. I know you do.

chanel spring 2015 polish: swatches

Chanel Tenderly Spring 2015 Reverie Parisienne

chanel tenderly 641

Above: Chanel Tenderly 641. I’ma start right here with this shade of Chanel Tenderly 641. What’s magical about it? The formula. Ooooh.. Aaaah… S’like buttah! I wish every single polish in the history of polish went on as smoothly and as perfectly as this here Chanel Tenderly. I can’t even begin to explain how it just glides off the brush and onto the nail in a way that makes me marvel. Seriously, holding the brush parallel to the nail spotlights this magical formula. Well done, Chanel! That’s two easy coats, by the way.

Chanel Tenderly 641 Reverie Parisienne spring 2015

chanel tenderly 641

Above: Chanel Tenderly 641. The colour itself? Interesting. Is it taupe? Is it lilac taupe? Is it plum taupe? Whaaat? It’s all the things ‘n that makes me think it might be suitable for many, many skin tones.

Chanel Desirio 643 Vernis Reverie Parisienne Spring 2015_1

chanel désirio 643

Above: And this. This is Chanel Désirio 643 and as much as I loved the formula of Tenderly, I think this one might be even better. Lookit that pigment! Lookit that coverage! Lookit that shine! It’s okay for me to add a Squeeeee! in here, right? It’s the stunner of the collection. Two coats and that’s what you get.

Chanel Desirio Vernis 643 Reverie Parisienne Spring 2015

chanel désirio 643

Above: Désirio 643 has hidden shimmer that you might be able to see in the bottle right around the 643 area. Yes, it’s blue. Yes, Chanel does this a lot. What’s it for? Depth of colour. Does it work? Yes. Absolutely. Do I love love love love this shade? You betcha! Would I buy it? Yes.

ILNP Metropolis over Chanel Desirio 643 Spring 2015

1 coat ilnp metropolis over 2 coats chanel desirio

Above: Oh. Look what else is on my desk while I’m playing Chanel. It’s ILNP Metropolis! ILNP stands for I Love Nail Polish. It’s a boutique nail lacquer I bought and had shipped from the States. You’ll be able to find it online here at I slapped a single coat of Metropolis over Chanel Désirio and I think I like it. You?

Chanel Paradisio Spring 2015 2 coats

chanel paradisio 645 (2 coats)

Above: This is Chanel Paradisio 645. I was sprinting past the Chanel counter at The Bay the other day and stopped dead in my tracks. I saw this bottle and said “What is that??” In the bottle, she is a stunner. She’s bright, she’s beautiful, and here she is in two coats. Yes, friends… VNL. I don’t like visible nail lines so I did another coat.

Chanel Vernis Paradisio 645 Spring 2015 Reverie Parisienne

chanel paradisio 645 (3 coats)

Above: Three coats of Paradisio will get you this result. A touch streaky but really quite riveting (if you’re me). I’m somewhat drawn to this bright icy silvery-green – I think it’s my inner magpie. If the formula was better, I’d say it was spectacular. Sadly, the formula isn’t better and if you don’t work fast and even, you’re gonna end up with waaaay more streaks than I did. Frosty stuff is tricky. Frosty stuff requires speed and accuracy. If you can achieve those and are willing to cough up the dough, you might wanna think about Chanel Paradisio 645.

ILNP Metropolis over Chanel Paradisio 645

1 coat ilnp metropolis over 3 coats chanel paradisio

Above: Oh hey! Look! My bottle of ILNP Metropolis is still on my desk! There you go friends – a single coat of this incredible multi-chrome flakie over Chanel Paradiso.

ILNP Metropolis over Chanel Paradisio 645 Reverie Parisienne Spring 2015

2 coats ilnp metropolis over 3 coats chanel paradisio

Above: Oh hey! Look! Two coats of ILNP Metropolis over Paradisio. I asked around to see if it was pretty or not. Some said yes, some said no. What say you?

And there you go, friends! That’s Chanel Rêverie Parisienne Le Vernis for spring 2015. It’s on-counter now all over the place but if you’re as lazy as I am, you might wanna just go shoppity shop shop via this handy lazy linky and get it shipped right to your front door.

shoppity shop shop

Love you all long time & thanks for stopping by!

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (Chanel Désirio for the win!)