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14 eyeshadows become 28 when dampened, but not like gremlins
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Wanna win a Smashbox Double Exposure palette?

Oh hai -- you like eyeshadow? You like magic? Maybe then you'd be interested in the new Smashbox Double Exposure Palette. A sleek kit of 14 eyeshadows, the shade range expands to 28 when you dampen the powder. And we're giving a palette away!

Obviously the eyeshadows don't multiply like Gremlins and become evil when you get 'em wet (can you imagine?). But they do take on different personalities, if you will. Some develop metallic finishes. Some start to sparkle. Some crank up the vibrancy. And some get more intense. Like magic!

Along with the Smashbox Double Exposure eyeshadow palette (complete with double-ended makeup brush), you'll find in the box a mini Full Exposure Mascara and a handy fold-out chart with tips on eyeshadow application for your eye shape (see it here).

how to wet your eyeshadow brush

The usual approach to applying wet eyeshadow is to dip your makeup brush into water and then into the powder. But there's an easier and neater way to do it, and I don't mean spraying your brush with water (although I guess that works too if you don't mind the spray landing wherever). 

A closer look at the Smashbox Double Exposure palette.

A closer look at the Smashbox Double Exposure palette.

Instead, fold up a paper towel (or use a couple of paper napkins), place it in a little plate or saucer, and wet the middle. Then you can dampen your brush, dab excess moisture off on a dry patch of paper towel, then hit your eyeshadow. More details and tips on wet-eyeshadow application here from Chase Aston, one of my fave makeup pros (he's worked with Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Cameron Diaz, and Elle McPherson, among others).

how to win a smashbox double exposure palette

smashbox double exposure palette_mini mascara_application chart_enter to win

To win a Smashbox Double Exposure palette ($60 at and $49 at, first, you need to live in Canada (I'm sorry, US readers -- *sad face*). Then you need to leave a comment below that includes your city/town and province. And you need to enter by midnight next Monday evening, on January 19th. And that's it! Only one entry per person will be considered; the winner will be contacted via email.

If you already own this palette, please do tell us what you think. And hey, go ahead and enter anyway, if you like -- we won't judge!

So who wants to win?? Good luck, lovelies!


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