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because we could all use a little resort
Essie Resort 2015 Sneak Peek PuddlePic Beautygeeks

essie resort 2015

Essie Resort 2015 news has begun to circulate on the interwebz and guess who has bottle shots! Squeeee!! Shades names are wonderfully resort-y too. There's Essie Cocoa Karma, Essie Stones 'n Roses, Essie Time for Me Time, and Essie Suite Retreat. Perfect shades to ease us from winter into spring, right?

While the shades in the bottles don't appear to be ground-breaking, they do appear to be true to previous Essie Resort Collections. Can't ever tell much from the promo shots so let's wait 'n see, k?

Essie Resort 2015 Sneak Peek BG

essie resort 2015 sneak peek from beautygeeks!

Apart from that, I don't have much more information except to tell you Essie Resort 2015 is launching Stateside on February 1, 2015 and in Canada it's expected on-counter March 1, 2015. has it for pre-order already if you're seriously gung-ho to get your frozen digits into a resort collection right now.

I'm seriously okay to wait a bit for Essie Resort 2015. I'm too busy being in love with the Essie Cashmere Matte collection.

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