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the star on set for her first #shiftashade campaign shoot
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Christina Hendricks for Clairol Nice n Easy_behind the scenes

Christina Hendricks for Clairol, behind the scenes on the NYC set of her commercial shoot

When Christina Hendricks told us she's had plenty of practice colouring her own hair, and in fact still occasionally grabs a box in a pinch, we wondered how long it would be before she signed a contract with, say, Clairol. And here we are: today P&G announced that the flame-haired star is their new Nice'n Easy ambassador.

Christina Hendricks Clairol Nice n Easy_as Joan Holloway on Mad Men

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway on Mad Men

A natural blonde, Christina says her obsession with Anne of Green Gables prompted her to go red when she was just 10 years old. A host of other colour adventures followed, but red made a powerful comeback in her modelling days -- when she went red for a shoot for Clairol, as it happens. Her fiery hair made her stand out in a sea of more commonplace blondes, so red became her signature colour. And when she landed the role of Joan Holloway on Mad Men, Christina was an immediate bombshell-redhead hit.

Christina Hendricks for the Clairol Nice 'n Easy #shiftashade campaign

Christina Hendricks for the Clairol Nice 'n Easy #shiftashade campaign

Christina's first promo for Clairol Nice'n Easy echoes her own adventures with finding the red that makes her feel most confident. The #shiftashade campaign encourages women to experiment a bit with natural-looking hair colour just a shade or two away from what they've always been.

Let's take a look behind the scenes at the star's first shoot for the Clairol Nice'n Easy #shiftashade campaign (the hairstylist on set is Ken Arthur; he's done a ton of haircare campaign shoots): 

In this on-set interview, Christina talks about going red for Clairol at 19, her home-colour secrets to getting it right, why Joan Holloway scares her, and what she's learned from her star-making character. Plus, catch a sneak peek at Christina's Nice'n Easy commercial spot and print ad launching this month.

What do you think? Is Christina Hendricks a natural for this Clairol gig or what? Does she inspire you to take chances with your own colour? Would choosing something a shade or two away from your usual take you outside your comfort zone?