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re: those aggravating repeated requests to verify your email
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stuck in a disqus verify-email loop_quick fix

stuck in a disqus verify-email loop? here's the quick fix!

Lovelies! Thanks so much for bearing with us as we adjust to our new platform here on Tempest! I think the biggest change for many is Disqus. 

A number of you new to Disqus have let me know about an odd glitch that occurs when you sign up: after you verify your email address as requested, you get caught in a loop that keeps asking you to verify your email, no matter what you do. Gah!

I couldn't find a fix in the troubleshooting threads, so I asked for help from Disqus support. According to the response I received (see below), you might not be properly logged in. The best move is this: once you've verified your email, exit your screen and start fresh with a new sign-in to Disqus.

This [email-verification issue] can occur if they click the Verify email but are not actually logged into their Disqus account. If other users are having issues, have them try logging in then clicking the verify link, or have them contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help them.
-- Disqus support

If I've understood things correctly, basically the next time you log in, all should be well. Please let me know if this helped!