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and confess their beauty transgressions in the process
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beauty resolutions 2015_ermanno scervino backstage beauty

model at ermanno scervino SS 2015 -- because beauty editors don't look like this every day

Bloggy-types are used to making personal revelations on a near daily basis online. But magazine folks don't always get a chance to express themselves so openly. So I contacted a bunch of Canadian-editor lovelies I've got to know over the years at launches, special events and on beauty junkets. Some are past beauty editors, some are editors-in-chief, some are now online editors, some are beauty editors now. And -- *grin* -- it seems that asking people about beauty resolutions for a new year is the way to go if you want them to confess their beauty sins! Here they are in alphabetical order by last name...

new year beauty resolutions from some of canada's top beauty editors

beauty resolutions 2015_mishal cazmi_glow magazine

mishal cazmi

Mishal Cazmi
Beauty Editor, glow Magazine
As a beauty editor, I have a long list of obsessions that obviously include skincare and makeup, but when it comes to hair — and by hair, I mean my own — my habits tend to fall by the wayside. My go-to style is boring at best: straight and untied. (On a good day, my air-dried waves look like I actually styled them.) So my beauty resolution for 2015 is to make more of an effort, be a little more adventurous with my hair, to experiment with braids, waves and any other hairstyle that might otherwise make me turn the other way. I’m already making good on my resolution: I’ve worn it in loose waves two days in a row, using a curling wand, texturizing spray, smoothing cream and all.
Instagram: mishalc
Twitter: @mishalcazmi
The winter issue of glow Magazine is on newstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_vanessa craft_elle canada

vanessa craft

Vanessa Craft
Beauty Director, Elle Canada
I have got to start treating my hair better. We are in such a dysfunctional relationship that I’m pretty sure my abused follicles have left a message on the Maury Povich “Help Me Get Out of This Toxic Love Mess” upcoming show hotline. I often blast my curls during blowouts with a hairdryer set to “stun” and a straightening iron cranked to “earth’s core" – once I actually burned my hand on my own hair it was so fiery. Even though curly hair is super delicate and needs to be treated gently, I tug at it in the shower when wet (hair crime of the highest order) and, to save the length, rarely trim it. Yes, I’m a monster masquerading as a beauty editor.
In 2015 I’m going to do better. I’m going to treat my hair like the lyrics of a Miguel song. I’m going to sleep on a satin pillowcase to help my hair retain moisture and stay smooth. I’m going to deep condition with a hair mask every Sunday like I used to when I was a teenager and the livin’ was easy. (Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque is a game changer.) I’m going to build in enough time to air dry when I wear my hair curly and I’m going to start popping some hair boosting supplements like Phyto Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplements.
 I’m going to woo my hair back with a commitment to care for it like it truly deserves. Look for us on an upcoming special edition of Oprah’s "Where Are They Now."
Twitter: @vanessacraft
Instagram: vanessacraft
The February issue of Elle Canada is on newsstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_Sarah Daniel_Fashion Magazine

sarah daniel

Sarah Daniel
Beauty Editor, Fashion Magazine
People say the sun is what ages women the most. As much as I agree with that, two newborns that didn't sleep are what brought me and my complexion to our knees. My skin has always been dry, but now it's veered into melba toast territory. So my resolution is to turn this bus around.
I'm going to start by hydrating like I'm training for an Ironman, and drink loads of coconut water throughout the day. (I realize I'm very late to the coconut water party. It took a makeup artist looking at my parched skin to remind me that nature's gatorade is way more efficient than a plain old glass of water).
I also want to do a sheet mask at least three times a week. I've been trying a few that my sister sent me from Korea, and there's a new one from Dr. Jart that I'm keen to try.
Twitter: @saredaniel
Instagram: saredaniel
The February issue of Fashion Magazine is on newstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_ally dean_hello canada

ally dean

Ally Dean
Fashion and Beauty Editor, Hello! Canada
The curious thing about being a beauty editor is that while discussing the virtues of a matte lipstick or graphic eyeliner, I’ve shamefully become lax about my own makeup (and hair) regimen. And by lax I mean nothing but BB cream, bronzer and a side of dry-shampooed-mane.
While I still believe there’s a time (maybe even a desire) for a look that consists solely of a haphazard swipe of shadow across one’s lid, my New Year's resolution is to reclaim the simple pleasure of a carefully curated and executed daily beauty look.
Twitter: @AllyEDean
Instagram: AllyEDean
The current issue of Hello! Canada is on newsstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_chantel guertin_marilyn denis show_the kit

chantel guertin

Chantel Guertin 
Beauty Expert, "The Marilyn Denis Show;" Editor-at-Large, The Kit
My resolution: 10 minutes! That's how much time I'm going to ensure I indulge myself each night in the bathroom. It doesn't sound like a lot, but right now I probably spend 2.5 minutes -- swiping at my eye makeup and brushing my teeth before collapsing into bed.
I have the tools to actually take care of my skin -- Clarisonic, Tria, and a host of creams, masques and serums -- but I always start my nighttime routine too late. This year, I'm going to ensure I make the time for 10 minutes -- for my skin, and myself.
Twitter: @chantelguertin

beauty resolutions 2015_camille finnegan_lou lou

camille finnegan

Camille Finnegan
Beauty Editor, Lou Lou
This year, I wish to try something new once a month. Whether it's changing my hairstyle, daring to wear a purple lip, filing my nails in an almond shape or try a new perfume, I just want to get out of my comfort zone, experiment and have fun with beauty. Because, well, isn't that what beauty is all about?"
Twitter: @CamilleFinnegan
Instagram: CamilleFinnegan
The February issue of Lou Lou is on Next Issue and on newsstands. Photo: Shayne Laverdière.

beauty resolutions 2015_Katherine Flemming_Elle Canada

katherine flemming

Katherine Flemming
Health & Beauty Editor, Elle Canada
I am going to actively behave like an adult who cares about her health and re-up my vegetables while (slowly) tapering my intake of white wine. My love for a crisp Marlborough is strong, but what it does to my skin in the morning is not pretty.
This year, I'm planning on become a frequent facial-er. For the longest time I didn't buy the whole "consistent facials will net you better skin" claim. But after trying some super luxe and effective ones this year (namely Biologique Recherche), I'm a believer.
Twitter: @kflemming
Instagram: kflemming
The February issue of Elle Canada is currently on newstands.

beauty resolutions 2015_catherine franklin_chatelaine

catherine franklin

Catherine Franklin
Beauty & Fashion Director, Chatelaine
I’m planning to do a serious edit of all the beauty products in my bathroom cabinets. For some strange reason I find it hard to finish one product before popping open another. It's part of my job to try new things (poor me), but it’s getting out of hand.
At this moment, I have at least three mascaras, more than six shampoos and conditioners, and no less than five eye creams all open, competing for my attention. I just can’t decide which one I love the most. I have a crazy amount of blushes and bronzers and don’t even ask me to count the lip glosses and hand creams. It’s going to be a real purge -- wonder how long I can make it last?
Instagram: cfranklin
The January issue of Chatelaine is currently on Next Issue and on newsstands.

beauty resolutions 2015_melanie frappa_elle quebec

melanie frappa

Mélanie Frappa
Rédactrice en chef, Elle Quebec

I will listen better to my skin's demands. I have really dehydrated skin, so I will apply moisturizer twice during the day -- in the morning and again at noon -- as well as at night. I'm going to use night masks, too (I love the one from La Roche-Posay).
Actually, I've already started because I don't believe in resolutions that start on January 1st.
Twitter: @mlaniefrappa
Instagram: melaniefrappa
The January issue of Elle Quebec is on newsstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_deborah fulsang_thewhaleandtherose

deborah fulsang

Deborah Fulsang
Founder/editor, TheWhale&TheRose (past beauty editor, The Kit)
In 2015, I am vowing to:
1. Throw out all of my old old old products that I’ve been keeping because their packaging is so beautiful that I haven’t been able to bring myself to toss them. There is no more room in the cupboard.
2. Make time for regular facials—at least seasonally.
3. Moisturize my feet every night when going to bed so that they are lovely and soft and not the opposite.
4. Remove my makeup before going to bed. Yes, yes, I know, I age 7 years for every night I leave that mascara on. By that rate I should have been 107 years old and dead long ago, so I figure I’m doing okay.
Twitter: @deborahfulsang
Instagram: deborahfulsang
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beauty resolutions 2015_Yasmin Grothe_Salon

yasmin grothé

Yasmin Grothé
Rédactrice en chef, Salon Magazine (French edition)
In 2015, I want to start incorporating more organic skin care and oils into my (almost) spartan beauty routine. There are just too many unnecessary chemicals out there.
I already use a few Dr. Hauschka products, but Rodin Olio Lusso is definitely on my radar and I want to go back to Weleda, too. I like their biodynamic and holistic approach to beauty.
Instagram: vongrothe
The January issue of Salon is available via

beauty resolutions 2015_caitlin kenny_flare

caitlin kenny

Caitlin Kenny
Associate Beauty Editor, Flare
In 2015, I want to find my skincare soulmate. With so many potions and lotions launching every month, I’m always switching up my regime in the name of test-driving. But with the 2014 debut of my first fine lines, plus my usual battle against hormonal acne and dry skin (talk about a trifecta!), it’s time I settle down, especially considering that most products take at least a month to show results.
Let this be the year I commit to skincare that targets my troubles — no more deep wrinkle repairers for this millennial — and hopefully, have the minimal-makeup summer of my dreams.
Twitter: @caitlinken
Instagram: caitlinken_insta
The February issue of Flare is currently on Next Issue and newsstands.

beauty resolutions 2015_tania kwong_glow magazine

tania kwong

Tania Kwong
Editor in chief, glow Magazine
I’d like to enjoy more me-time in 2015. Blame the mom in me, but I’d love to be a little more selfish when it comes to beauty treatments like facials, manicures and pedicures. I just don’t get around to them as much as I’d like. Here’s hoping that this year, DIY translates to “did it yesterday” instead of do it yourself!
Twitter: @taniakwong
Instagram: TaniaKwong
The winter issue of glow Magazine is currently on newsstands.

beauty resolutions 2015_Angelique Martel_Elle Quebec

angelique martel

Angelique Martel
Rédactrice en chef beauté, Elle Quebec
I would say that my 2015 beauty resolution would be to use a toner on a daily basis. I tend to forget that step in my beauty routine, and it shows.
Every time I use toner -- favourites include Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petals and Chanel Sublimage Le Fluide -- I feel like my skin is fresher and firmer. It glows more (I get lots of compliments) and the cream I put on top of it absorbs quicker (and I use a lot less).
Also, on crisp winter days, I am under the impression that the toner smooths my skin. On the opposite, on hot summer days, it takes the shine away.
Toner, I hope you will become my 2015 new beauty buddy.
Twitter: @AngeliqueMarte2
Instagram: AngeliqueMartel
The January issue of Elle Quebec is on newsstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_Julia McEwen_Canadian Living Magazine

julia mcewen

Julia McEwen
Fashion & Beauty Director, Canadian Living
Fewer heat tools, more updos. This year I've reached the pinnacle of my blondness—icy platinum—and I’ve also cropped my hair into a blunt style. It looks best when I flat-iron it pin straight, however the high-lift double processed colour service I require every six weeks, teamed up with my treasured heat-tools have wreaked havoc with my hair’s health.
My objective is to use heat-tools (blow-dryer, curling iron or flat-iron) only once a week. If my hair is a hot mess I just need to deal with it. I can braid it, twist it, top-knot it or pull it into a ponytail.
Twitter: @JuliaPJMcEwen
Instagram: JuliaPJMcEwen
The February issue of Canadian Living is currently on newsstands.

beauty resolutions 2015_melanie pelican_moi et cie

melanie pelican

Melanie Pelican
Rédactrice en chef web, MOI&cie
My beauty resolution could be to organize all my beauty products -- things can get messy (so many products and so much excitement to test all of them in the same time)!
I have approximately 40 lipsticks and 20 lip balms, so I've decided to apply a different colour every day, and mix and match shades, too. Red, orange, pink, burgundy... watch out, I'll create new shades in 2015!
Twitter: @MelaniePelican
Instagram: MelaniePelican
Visit Moi & cie at

beauty resolutions 2015_joanie pietracupa_clin d'oeil

joanie pietracupa

Joanie Pietracupa
Rédactrice en chef, Clin d'Oeil
For 2015, I'll start using my skin care products properly. I have all the good stuff (favourites include Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, GlamGlow’s Youth Mud Face Mask, Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish, La Mer’s The Hydrating Infusion, Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Serum and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Moisturizer), hiding in my home beauty closet (the perks of working in a fashion and beauty magazine!). Yet I can’t seem to find the discipline to use them correctly. I simply forget to exfoliate my skin two to three times a week, to use a purifying mask one or two times per week, and to moisturize every morning and night. Instead, I use all the products at once (i.e. do a mini "spa night"), which isn’t the best idea.
Every time I go for a facial, the beautician has to tell me I have dry skin that I need to take care of. I have no excuse: I was a Beauty Director for almost six years, so I know the consequences of forgetting to take care of my skin on a daily basis!
Twitter: @TheJSpot
Instagram: JoaniePietracupa
The February issue of Clin d'Oeil is on newsstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_Rani Sheen_The Kit

rani sheen

Rani Sheen
Beauty Editor,
The Kit
I'm resolving to get serious about in-flight skincare. While I'm hardcore about centre-aisle seat selection for hydration and loo-visit reasons, I usually leave my makeup on and just add a bit of hydrating spray, face oil or eye cream over top of it.
But recently on a night flight to London I committed to taking everything off with wipes, toning and applying a fairly gloopy overnight cream mask (La Mer Intense Revitalizing Mask), which I left on for the duration, proximity to economy-seat neighbour be damned. It was a bit of a game-changer: I landed looking closer to just-had-a-mini-facial than just-spent-the-night-on-a-radiator, so now I vow to do it on every flight over three hours.
Next goal: wear a Jurlique or SK-II sheet mask throughout, even during the meal service.
Twitter: @ranisheen
Instagram: ranisheen
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beauty resolutions 2015_sophie st-laurent_châtelaine

sophie st-laurent

Sophie St-Laurent
La rédactrice mode et beauté, Châtelaine
My beauty resolution is to take better care of myself. It's not original, but I rarely have time to schedule regular beauty appointements in advance. Result? I'm always in a hurry, and often simply patch up my beauty flaws: add a extra layer of nail lacquer to conceal chipped polish; tweeze stray brow hair in the car before an event; spray on Bumble & Bumble tinted dry shampoo to disguise grey roots.
In an ideal world, I would I visit my make-up artist every month to groom my eyebrows and maintain perfect shape, I would have a manicure once every two weeks, have a facial once a month and see my hair colourist much more often.
I will try.
The January issue of Châtelaine is on newsstands now.

beauty resolutions 2015_michelle

michelle villett

Michelle Villett
Founder/editor, (past beauty editor, Elle Canada)
My beauty resolution is… make more of an effort! I’m constantly writing about hair and makeup trends, analyzing them up the wazoo, but do you think I actually incorporate them into my day-to-day regimen? Dude, no. I tell myself it’s because I don’t want to look like I’m "trying too hard," but truthfully, I could try a little. Usually, I’m in a tear just trying to get out the door with wet hair and a half-assed application of concealer. And that’s if I have somewhere to go! Most days are writing days… so if a beauty editor wears makeup and there's nobody there to see it, did it really happen?!
I vow to actually follow my own beauty advice in 2015, and to use my embarrassment of beauty riches (i.e. a makeup collection that rivals Sephora’s, and more hot tools than I can count). So if you catch me out with dodgy half blow-dried hair and “no-makeup” makeup, you have permission to scold me.
Twitter: @beauty_editor
Instagram: beautyeditor

beauty resolutions 2015_wing sze tang_cosmetics

wing sze tang

Wing Sze Tang
Editor, Cosmetics Magazine
Borrowing some wisdom from Lorde, my resolution is to remember that "flaws are OK." Bad-hair days, big ole breakouts at exactly the wrong time, signs of aging (a.k.a. signs of life) — they happen to us all, and that's OK.
Twitter: @wingszetang
Instagram: wingszetang
Visit; Cosmetics Magazine is available via iTunes.

• • • • •

As for me (I was the "Face" beauty editor at The Kit when it first launched), I was somewhat successful with my more-sleep resolution of 2013 and 2014, but I can do better. So there's that.
I also spend too much time sitting in front of my screen. Must make time for at least a daily walk, and soon a return to my 5-Factor Workout routines at the gym.
And I'm determined to do my makeup before leaving the house much more often -- so far I've succeeded twice. Next year maybe I'll address my habit of running out the door with my hair wet...

Do you have any beauty resolutions (confessions!) to share?

Opening inspiration image (because that's how I'd like to look every workday): backstage beauty at Ermanno Scervino SS 2015.