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so much the pretteh!

Hallo fellow polish fiends! It’s YSL Nuit Blanche 58 as my #NOTD!

YSL Nuit Blanche 58 polish over Black

ysl nuit blanche 58 (two coats) over my ocw revlon black magic

It’s nice to dig thru The Archives and come up with something that’s actually only just about to be released. It must mean I was such a good nerd that I actually jumped the gun when I did a massive desk de-cluttering at the end of last year. I put this away by accident. Oops!

No matter! I got your YSL Nuit Blanche 58 Spring 2015 swatch right here! I slapped (slapped sounds wrong when I’m using a $27 polish, doesn’t it?) two coats of it over my fave OCW!! (one coat wonder) Revlon Black Magic 890 because that’s how I do.

It’s not much to look at on its own, but over something dark it’s really, really stunning.

YSL Nuit Blanche 58 Vernis over black

ysl nuit blanche 58 (two coats) over my ocw revlon black magic

Know what else is stunning? Janine’s YSL 2015 Spring Preview post of the Desir de Jour Collection where this here polish comes from. So many purdy things there to look at… Ooooh.. Aaaaah. The stuff ain’t on-counter yet but keep your bookmarks glued to and

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she’s only got 8 nail files on her desk!)