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three-ish happy springtime fingertip shades
Dior Kingdom of Colours Nail Spring 2015

dior vernis kingdom of colours spring 2015

Dior Kindgom of Colours Spring 2015 lands with three pretty polishes. Okay, two pretty polishes and one rather interesting top coat.

Before we get to lookin’, we should talk about the brush. So good. We should also talk about the coverage. So good. And the pigments. So good. I guess we can look now!

dior kingdom of colours = springtime shades

Dior Lady Kingdom of Colour Spring 2015

dior kingdom of colours spring 2015: lady 294

Dior Lady is a pretty, pretty nude neutral that goes on splendidly in two easy coats. The brush does all the work – as it should. The curious thing about it is how incredibly different it looks in sunlight versus natural light. In sunlight, it shows as a peachy nude whereas in diffused natural light, it’s a dusty nude. It’s quite a difference, but either way, it’s probably really easy to wear for most skin tones.

Dior Lady 294 Kingdom of Colour Spring 2015

dior kingdom of colours spring 2015: lady 294 in natural light

See what I mean? Dusty, almost mauve-y, lovely and sophisticated. Charming, even. And that finish. So beautiful.

Dior Lady 294 w Blossoming TopCoat 001 Spring 2015

dior kingdom of colours spring 2015: blossoming topcoat 001 over lady 294

Hello pastel bar glitter and mini bar glitter and hex glitter. This part is hard. I generally really adore Dior nail polish, but I generally don’t adore bar glitter. It seems wrong for me to dislike a Dior polish, but right now, I think I do. Bar glitter turns me off. It just does. It’s like red bell peppers (or any colour bell peppers) – I simply don’t like them and I won’t eat them. You know what I’m getting at here, right? Dior Blossoming Top Coat 001 is just not my thing. You’re not gonna judge me for that, are you? I will say that if you were sporting this combo I’d probably think it was pretty and a good use of bar glitter. I just wouldn’t choose it for myself. Hey, gotta be honest, right?

Dior Glory 660 Kingdom of Colour Spring 2015

dior kingdom of colours spring 2015: glory 660

Ooooh! Dior Glory 660 is a lovely shade of… pink? Red? Oh! I know! Coral! No – wait – it’s not coral. It’s… man, I dunno what to call it except lovely. In this light it borders on coral and if there was ever a shade called pastel poppy red, it’d be this. Somehow it’s soft and gentle and perfect for spring.

Dior Glory 660 Kingdom of Colour Spring 2015_2

dior kingdom of colours spring 2015: glory 660 in sun

Same polish just with less clouds in the sky. It shows a little brighter and leans a little more poppy but still, it’s so freakin’ pretty that I think I might be in love. This is why I adore Dior nail polishes. Uncomplicated perfection in shades that just stop me in my tracks.

Dior Glory 660 w Dior Blossoming top coat

dior kingdom of colours spring 2015: blossoming top coat 001 over glory 660

In an effort to learn to appreciate Dior’s spring 2015 glitter offering, I decided to give Blossoming Top Coat a go over Glory. Mostly the tiny bar glitter bits came out to play in this application and oddly enough, I like it much better than I did in my first use. I still don’t love it, though. You?

Dior Bloom 777 w Dior Blossoming TopCoat Spring 2015

dior bloom 777 with kingdom of colours blossoming top coat 001

And one more time for good measure. Hey! Look how pretty the stuff looks in the bottle! The bottle gives me grabby hands and regardless of how I feel about the actual polish, the bottle still 100% belongs in The Archives.

If you troll the interwebs looking for Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015, you’ll no doubt come across another shade that I haven’t shown you here – it’s called Majesty 244 and unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on it and don’t know if it’ll be available in Canada. (which ships to Canada) has Glory ($28 CAN and $27 US) and Lady ($28 CAN and $27 US) available now, along with the limited-edition Blossoming Top Coat s($29 CAN and $28 US) -- perhaps only Europe will be getting Majesty?

There’s a whack of other stunning cosmetics things in the Dior Kingdom of Colours spring 2015 collection, too. Janine has all the stuff right here in her Dior Kingdom of Colours showcase! It's all expected to be on counter in Canada January 15, 2015. (And of course if you live in Canada and think shipping rates are worth getting hands on everything asap, you can have ship stuff to you now.) You gonna go shoppin'?


Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she’s goin’ to da movies today!)