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sometimes i buy polish at winners
Sparitual Against The Grain Swatch 1

sparitual against the grain

SpaRitual Against the Grain is my latest Winners find. Okay, maybe not my latest but it's one of the ones I've been pretty happy to score for like, $4.99. 

Lately I've been trolling through my Archives and discovering things I've bought and meant to show you. My new plan is to do these short little #NOTD (nail of the day) thingies for you, show you sumthin' I like, and give you as little information as possible. Ha! We don't really need information about this do we? I mean, there's a picture - that's like 10,000,000 words!!!

Sparitual Against The Grain Swatch 2

sparitual against the grain

So yes, purchased at my local Winners store (Yonge 'n Sheppard in the T.Dot) for I think $4.99 or maybe $5.99. Regular price for this stuff in Canada is somewhere around $13 so you can see why it came home with me. Would I have paid full price for it? Prolly not. Would I have paid $8? Maybe.

Where can you get it? Dunno. It's discontinued. But who carries lots of SpaRitual? Why does!

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she finally finished all the cheese).