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good brush + good polish = happy Manigeek
MAC Studio Nail Lacquer for 2015

mac studio nail lacquer for 2015

MAC Studio Nail Lacquers for 2015! I gotta bunch swatched to show you! I'm a relatively new fan of MAC polishes. The Transformations were the bee's knees and sorta cemented my love for this brand of nail happy. Before that, there was MAC Fantasy of Flowers, the beginning of it all for me. Can't forget those two Rocky Horror shades either, right?

This January 2015 16-shade collection is made up of lovely glitters and pearls. While I'm trying to get my digits into the rest of the range, I've got eight shades to show you, all done up in a bunch of Manigeek ways.

MAC Flaming Rose Cream Nail Polish 2015

mac flaming rose - cream nail polish

We can start here with the only crème (MAC calls it cream) nail polish I was able to secure. I don't think it's new but it came in the press bag so here it is. And guess what! It's a OCW!!! Not much else to say about it that you can't see from that picture, right? She goes on splendidly and the finish is so shiny. S'pretty but maybe not new.

MAC Fabulous Fete Nail Lacquer 2015

mac fabulous fete - dirty platinum with gold pearl

Oh! Hallo super-awesome bright silvery-golden-confection! That's two über-easy coats (it's that brush! squeeee!) and it comes out lookin all crazy kinds of blingy but still not over the top. Subtly platinum if that's even possible. I dig it.

MAC Cocktail Hour Nail Polish 2015

mac cocktail hour - bright copper with pearl

This here shade of copperyness is not something I generally choose for myself but man-O-man it's stunning. Again, two easy coats and lookit all that bling!

MAC Cocktail Hour Nail Polish Mattified

mac cocktail hour mattified

I matte simply because I can (I always have a bottle of matte on my desk) and also because a matte coat can take something that's blingly and turn it into something that's still bright and yet somehow remarkably understated. I'm a fan of understated.

MAC Haute Octane Nail Polish 2015

mac haute octane glitter with black undies

I'm also a fan of this glittery blue deal over black. You could use it alone and do a couple coats, but over black is how I like it best. Without top coat the finish feels like a glitter polish -- not sandy but definitely glitter texture. It's also a little dull, so for maximum shiny you're gonna wanna top coat. I'll show you!

MAC Haute Octane Nail Polish w Topcoat 2015

mac haute octane over black + topcoat

Add a coat of top and it ends up a little brighter and with a nice glossy finish. Quick, easy, and sparkly. Ain't nuthin' wrong with that.

Mac Haute Octane over Black Mattified

mac haute octane over black, mattified

Ooooh. #GimmieThat.

MAC Rich Kid Blues over Black Nail Polish 2015

mac rich kid blues over black

Same deal, one coat of glittery goodness over one coat of my all-time favourite OCW Revlon Black Magic 890. So good.

MAC Rich Kid Blues over Black w Topcoat

mac rich kid blues over black + qdtc (quick dry top coat)

See what a coat of MAC Overlacquer top coat does? Brightens and pops the green. Do it.

MAC Rich Kid Blues Nail Polish over Black Mattified

mac rich kid blues over black + matte top coat

Or do this! One coat of matte makes magic. I love this the best.

MAC #Obsessed nail polish swatch

mac #obsessed w black undies - no top coat. but you'll use top coat, right?

Yes, it's called MAC #Obsessed and am I? Not so much. It's just a little bit too busy for me - weird right? It's sparkly and confetti-like and probably good for a birthday but right now at this very minute, I ain't feelin' it. You're gonna want to top coat this baby to make it shiny and smooth.

MAC Over Accessorized Nail Polish Swatch

mac over accessorized

Bar glitter is an odd thing. I'm a fan of it sometimes but not all the time. Here I can't decide how I feel. I think it's okay? Is it okay? Does it just make my nails look furry? Should I have used a different pair of underpants maybe? Still, I think I might actually sorta like it. Man, I just don't know.

MAC Kale Salad Nail Polish Swatch

mac kale salad

And then this. It's a MAC Kale Salad. This is the kind of bar glitter I can get behind. I don't know why I love this combination so much but I do. It's somehow insanely visually appealing to me and I don't care who knows it!!!! I think it's the little flecks of turquoise that make it neat. Dunno - but I like it.

And that's all I could get my hands on. If I manage to secure further shades, you can bet I'll be sure to let ya'll know so you can come see. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are for what I just showed you though. Anything there grab your fancy?

These new MAC Studio Nail Lacquers for 2015 will be available in North America at and in-store as of January 8, 2014. Internationally, my press sheet says January 2015 so keep stalking MAC for further information.

Thanks fer stoppin' by, friends! See you soon?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she just ate waaaaay too much cheese).