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wait... what? $1.99? get out!! (aka #gimmiethat)
Essence Never Stop Dreaming over black

essence never stop dreaming w black undies

This is Essence Cosmetics Never Stop Dreaming nail polish and I wanna show this to you SO badly that I've stuck it here in this place where only my hardcore readers will ever find it. I want you (and only you) to know about it but shhhh... don't share 'cause then errrrrybody will be rushing out to get it and there'll be none left for us. S'our secret, k?

The very first image up there is one coat of Essence Never Stop Dreaming over one coat of Revlon Black Magic (you know, my fave OCW! black polish). This image below is the same with the addition of the Essence Gel-Look top coat. Is it better with top coat? Yes. Why? Because it brightens it all 'n brings out the depth of colour. Why else? Because it smooths the surface and creates a smashing shine.

essence never stop dreaming nail polish black undies topcoated

essence never stop dreaming w black undies + gel-look top coat

I could stop right there. I mean you're already like "Oooh.. Aaaah", right? But I won't. I'ma kick it up another jillion percent.

Essence Never Stop Dreaming Mattified

essence never stop dreaming w black undies all mattified

I know, right? How about we look at this awesome just one more time...

Essence Never Stop Dreaming Black Undies Mattified

essence never stop dreaming w black undies 'n matte top coat

There y'are friends. S'my #notd. Stunning and I'm never taking it off (okay, yes, eventually I'll have to take it off). So where can you get it? In Canada it's available at Shoppers and you can check their website to see which stores carry it. In the US, I hear Ulta gets Essence Cosmetics stuff every now 'n again. Oh. And it's $1.99 here. You gonna?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (Oh! Hey! If you manage to even find this post, will ya holla so I can tell if the hardcore polish nerds like you can find it? Just a little tiny comment will do! Thanks, ya'll!)