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super-popular european nail brand hits north america (and it has a good brush, by the way)

If you’re in Europe, you’ve probably not only heard of Misslyn, you’ve probably used it. Word on the street is that it outsells Chanel, YSL, and Dior combined. It’s massive there and now that it’s here in Canada (exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart), I know why. It’s pretty much because it’s an outstanding polish in a rather unassuming bottle. That’s right friends – I said outstanding.

I mentioned it’s only just launched but I didn’t tell you that it’s landing with 48 shades of the 140+ they’ve got in Europe. It’s a core collection launch to be sure and what did this crazy girl do? She used an entire pump bottle of acetone, just for you.

Misslyn Nail Polish Swatches

so many bottles... 

She swatched everything she could get her hands on. You’re about to go blind. Prepare yourself for a butt-load of pictures.

First though, I invite you to look at this shot of the Misslyn nail polish brush. It puts stuff where I want it to go and it leaves behind a nice, even finish. It's good. It's a quality brush.

misslyn nail polish brush

das brush. s'good, ya.

misslyn swatches: alphabetically

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the Misslyn nail polish swatches. Get a cuppa joe, it's a lot of pics! (like 55+).

Misslyn Addiction Nail Polish

misslyn addiction 345

misslyn amour 111 nail polish

misslyn amour 111

misslyn angel dust 101

misslyn angel dust 101

misslyn ave caesar 315

misslyn ave caesar 315

misslyn aye aye captain 588

misslyn aye aye captain 588

Misslyn Black Beauty 1st coat

misslyn black beauty 1st coat - don't freak out!

Every single one of these Misslyn nail polish shades goes on like this -- the first coat gives you the kind of coverage you see above, and your second coat makes everything extraordinarily perfect. I chose to use the black so you'd get a real sense of how ugly and streaky coat #1 is when compared with the finished application. Expect it and don't get discouraged. It's all gonna work out splendidly. I promise!

Misslyn Black Beauty 510

misslyn black beauty - 2 easy coats to done

Misslyn Nail Blush 155

misslyn blush 155

Misslyn Champagne 36

misslyn champagne 36 velvet diamond (textured) nail polish

Misslyn Copper Twist 414

misslyn copper twist 414

misslyn elegance 24

misslyn elegance 24 velvet diamond (textured) nail polish

Misslyn Eternity 393 nail polish

misslyn eternity 393 nail polish

misslyn fame 424

misslyn fame 424

Misslyn fata morgana

misslyn fata morgana

Misslyn Feng Shui 372

misslyn feng shui 372

Misslyn French Chic 109

misslyn french chic 109

Misslyn Gentleman's Love 335

misslyn gentleman's love 335

misslyn nail polish gold lagoon

misslyn gold lagoon 562

Misslyn Gold Lagoon 562

misslyn gold lagoon 562 -- shift

Misslyn Gold Lagoon 562 over black

misslyn gold lagoon 562 over black

Misslyn Grey Noblesse 454

misslyn grey noblesse 454

Misslyn Head Over Heels 150

misslyn head over heels 150

Misslyn Nail Heart Stopping 48

misslyn heart stopping 48

Misslyn Heart Stopping with Topcoat

misslyn heart stopping with topcoat

Misslyn High Society 419

misslyn high society 419

Misslyn It Girl 766

misslyn it girl 766 top coat over misslyn vintage 380

Misslyn Jumping Cracker 570

misslyn jumping cracker 570

Misslyn Ken's Darling 327

misslyn ken's darling 327

Misslyn Last Unicorns 119

misslyn last unicorns 119

Misslyn Lemon Green 557

misslyn lemon green 557

Misslyn Magma 195

misslyn magma 195

Misslyn Mambo 129

misslyn mambo 129

Misslyn Matador 189

misslyn matador 189

Misslyn Mermaid 585 3 coats

misslyn mermaid 585 -- 3 coats

Misslyn Nail Mermaid 585 1 coat over black

misslyn mermaid 585 -- 1 coat over black

Misslyn Mirror Ball Topcoat

misslyn mirror ball topcoat over grey noblesse

Misslyn Mirror Ball 756 over misslyn snow white

misslyn mirror ball 756 over misslyn snow white

Misslyn Mirror Ball over Fata Morgana

misslyn mirror ball over fata morgana

Misslyn Mirror Ball 756 over fata morgana

misslyn mirror ball 756 over fata morgana -- blurred so you can see the sparkle

Misslyn Naughty Pink 328

misslyn naughty pink 328

Misslyn Neverland 567

misslyn neverland 567

Misslyn Night Club 610

misslyn night club 610

Misslyn Party On 229

misslyn party on 229

Misslyn Pink Elephants 116

misslyn pink elephants 116

Misslyn Pink Lady 769 over Last Unicorns

misslyn pink lady 769 top coat over last unicorns

Misslyn Red Carpet 180

misslyn red carpet 180

Misslyn Rose Sublime 310

misslyn rose sublime 310

Misslyn Scandalous 136

misslyn scandalous 136

Misslyn Snow White 90

misslyn snow white 90

Misslyn Spiced Wine 214

misslyn spiced wine 214

Misslyn Star Dust Topcoat 753 over Gentleman's Love

misslyn star dust topcoat 753 over gentleman's love

Misslyn Swan Lake 96

misslyn swan lake 96

Misslyn Sweetheart 115

misslyn sweetheart 115

Misslyn Universe 12

misslyn universe 12 -- textured with shimmer

misslyn valentine 350

misslyn valentine 350

Misslyn Vintage 380

misslyn vintage 380

The dude in the opening photograph is named Jeff and all those hands belong to the marketing team from Misslyn. They’re very hands-on. I dig that photo not just because Jeff is pretty okay to look at, but because those hands are all real, the nails are all real, and they belong to regular people like you ‘n me who aren’t hand models. Totally achievable! Here, let's look again:

real hands, real nails, real dude -- way to keep it real, misslyn!

real hands, real nails, real dude -- way to keep it real, misslyn!

And lastly, here’s a splendid map that shows you what Misslyn is doing in terms of their global success. Astonishing if you haven’t tried the brand but once you get your mitts on it, you’ll see why they’re doing so extra-ordinarily well. There are plans to enter the US market at some point in the future and if you’re in the US now, I’m sad you don’t get to play with this stuff yet. In my estimation it’s on par with Essie and also with OPI. Yep. I said that.

Misslyn World

in two years, misslyn has successfully landed in almost 40 countries

Misslyn (owned by Artdeco Cosmetics Group by the way) in Canada ($9.99 per) is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. For more info, visit where you'll find lots of particulars about the collections, top coats, effect coats, and other whatnots.

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (you like photos come after text?)