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wear these microfibre cuffs on your wrists instead
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keep-dry kuffs: microfibre towel wristlets

keep-dry kuffs: microfibre towel wristlets

No. These are not oversize scrunchies. Okay, they are, but Do. Not. Wear. Them. As. Scrunchies. The Scrunchie Years were terrible fashion times for hair. Never. Again. These are instead Keep-Dry Kuffs, microfibre cuffs for your... wrists.

Keep-Dry Kuffs ($18 at are touted as "drip-catching towels for your wrists." Slip them on before you wash your face to avoid that trickle of water that runs down your forearms to soak your sleeves.

I can't decide whether I love the idea or think it's dorky. They are oversize, microfibre scrunchies! (Yeah, I wore scrunchies back in the day; our mum made us a whole bunch of nice-fabric ones that were better then the store-bought types.) And now that I have these Keep-Dry Kuffs (thanks, pre-Christmas Santa!), I'ma use 'em, because that drippy-forearm-soaked-sleeve thing bugs me. So... LIKE?

You have thoughts, right?