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the redemption of burberry nail polish
Burberry Nail Polish Holiday 2014 Gold and Oxblood

burberry nail polish holiday 2014

Burberry nail polish for holiday 2014 is beautiful and special for two reasons. The first reason is simply that it’s beautiful and special. The second reason is because for me, it’s redemption in two lovely bottles.

My very first experience with this luxury brand of polish wasn’t my favourite. In fact, it managed to shoot Burberry polish to the top 5 of my most-hated polishes of ever – impressive for a $25 bottle of polish, right? But today I have a whole new take on the Burberry polishes. It’s a happy day! It’s redemption day!

Burberry Gold 447 Holiday 2014 went on in two splendidly even coats and came out exactly as you see it there. It’s a really sophisticated nude with micro-shimmer in rose gold, teal, and bright gold. The shimmer is mega-micro – you can’t see it unless you get it right up in your eyeballs. But the effect is a bright, intricate neutral that pleased me to no end.

Burberry Gold 447 Nail Polish Holiday 2014

burberry gold no.447 holiday 2014

Burberry Oxblood 303 was equally as happy. Sure it’s a shade we’ve seen from others many, many times over the years, but when you get your hands on a bottle of Burberry, you sort of expect quality. Was it there? You betcha! The brush was magical, the formula was magical, the level, the pigment, the opacity, the shine…. That’s a simple two coats. It went exactly where I told it to go and it was a pleasure to use. Was I impressed? Yep. Will you be impressed? Prolly.

Burberry Oxblood 303 Nail Polish Holiday 2014

burberry oxblood no.303 holiday 2014

The differences between high end polishes and low end polishes are really in ease-of-use, brush quality, and formula. Big-money polishes just apply better – as they should. Can you get a similar experience with a $10 bottle from the drugstore? Almost. Will you get this beautiful packaging, formula, and brush? Nope. Am I glad I have them? Yep. Would I buy them for myself? Nope. But would I put them on my gift-it-to-me wishlist? You betcha!

The limited-edition holiday 2014 Burberry nail polish Oxblood No.303 and Burberry nail polish Gold No.447 ($25 at and $22 at are on-counter now at Burberry boutiques in Vancouver and Toronto and at Nordstom Chinook Centre in Calgary. You gonna?

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Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she has swatch sticks errrrywherez).