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YSL Google-Glass Makeup Lessons at the Cosmetics Counter Start Next Month

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YSL Google Glass makeup lessons_YSL Spring 2015 makeup

So soon after blowing my mind with a one-is-not-enough holiday compact, YSL Beauty blows my mind again. I can't take it! Before I explain, though, if you live in Toronto or Montreal, get your calendar out now. And cross your fingers that other makeup brands eventually follow YSL's example -- it takes the makeup-counter application to a futuristic next level.

ysl google-glass makeup lessons

YSL Google Glass makeup lessons_Hudson's Bay Queen St. Toronto

YSL Beauty has teamed up with Google to provide counter customers with personal makeup tutorials. The brand has outfitted their artists with sci-fi-cool Google Glass units that record every action and word as they apply makeup on client faces. Coolest thing: after the lesson, the artist will email the client her very own video, in which she'll see the lesson from the makeup-artist's point of view. (Above: Yasmin, part of the YSL Beauty marketing team, models the Google Glass specs.)

YSL isn't the first brand under the L'Oreal umbrella to go ga-ga for Google Glass. Maybelline NY slid a pair onto the pert nose of their makeup pro Grace Lee backstage at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto last month. The red-lip for Target video below is an example of what YSL customers will take away from their Google Glass makeup experience:

Neat, right? You can see exactly what the artist puts where and how. It's a better-than-YouTube tutorial, doncha think? After all, the face in the video is yours.

ysl google glass toronto and montreal dates

YSL Google Glass makeup lesson_creating the file to email to the customer after the how-to

You can experience the YSL makeup lesson yourself next month! Mark your calendars, beautygeeks! (Above: that's Yasmin setting up the file with my three-minute Google-Glass makeup video; I'll get it via email.)

  • Toronto: Hudson's Bay Queen St. W, December 11th and 12th (call 416-861-4048 to book)
  • Toronto: Hudson's Bay Yorkdale, December 13th and 14th (call 416-789-7501 to book)
  • Montreal: Hudson's Bay downtown, December 18th and 19th (call 514-281-4901 x.2683 to book)

For now, YSL intends to hold special Google Glass events periodically, every few months (probably to correspond with new makeup collections). I live for the day that makeup counters everywhere have these nifty Google Glass specs for their best artists to use with customers. What a great way to use the technology. Owning them yourself at this point is a pricey endeavour ( reports a price tag of about $1500), and really, incorporating them into our daily lives would be a bit of a trick.

YSL Spring 2015 sneak peek_google glass makeup lesson

I experienced the YSL Google Glass makeup lesson myself today, with the gorgeous and bling-y YSL Spring 2015 makeup collection (above). I'll post the video tomorrow or the day after, depending on when it hits my inbox.

What do you think? Would you take advantage of this kind of makeup-counter service?