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Dior Golden Shock: Diorific Vernis Holiday 2014

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Dior Golden Shock Holiday 2014

Dior Golden Shock Vernis lands with five shades and it’s a pretty big deal this holiday season. I think maybe it’s the stunning bottles. Or maybe it’s the shades. Or maybe it’s that they’re Dior. Or maybe they’re just sorta all-around exquisite if you get ‘em just right. Yeah. That.

dior golden shock = holiday

Dior Golden Shock Holiday 2014 Vernis Mirror 022

dior golden shock: diorific vernis mirror 022 ($28 at and $27 at This first shade isn’t my favourite. It’s sheer, a lot too sheer for me. I’m a fan of opaque, but if you’re not, look no further for a subtle gold shimmer. Dior Mirror 022 somehow ends up matching my skin tone really well, which isn’t particularly flattering for me, but the bottle still makes me wannit. Weird, right? You can layer it over stuff but it all just ends up popping orange-y. Orange isn’t holiday. Go away orange.

Dior Golden Shock Vernis Gold Equinoxe 241 Holiday 2014

dior golden shock: diorific vernis gold equinoxe 241 ($28 at and $27 at nordstrom.comA pearly metallic warm-toned gold. It looks soft and bright and warm and beautiful. The polish is a little on the thin side so what you see there is three quick coats. She dries fast so you need to step up and channel your inner polish-ninja to get this kind of coverage. Semi-opaque, yes. And also kinda luxe.

Dior Golden Shock top coat 001 Holiday 2014

diorific golden shock top coat 001 ($29 at and $28 at nordstrom.comAnd what’s this? Well, it’s a top coat and I want to love it but I don’t really. Some fishing has to happen to get the right amount of glitter out of the bottle. Some blobbing has to happen to get the glitter off the brush and onto the nail, and further topcoat needs to be applied to help hold the curling edges of the stuff down too. It’s definitely better than the Guerlain offering I showed you here but it’s also not gold leaf, it’s gold leaf effect. For my $29CAD, I kinda want more (I’ll takethis OPI 18kone please!). The Dior is a beautiful bottle of polish from the outside though. No question.

Dior Golden Shock Holiday 2014 Vernis Shock 762

dior golden shock: diorific vernis shock 762($28 at thebay.comand $27 at Oooh! Lookit! A perfect vibrant holiday red that I think I might only have 15 dupes for! But again, the bottle… Ooooh.. Ahhh. This stuff went on really swell. Two coats ’n no top coat looks exactly like that. If you don’t have a similar shade of holiday red, get this one. It’s good. I mean my nails look like a million bucks in this shot!

Dior Golden Shock over Diorific Vernis Shock 762 Holiday 2014

diorific golden shock top coat. Again, the fishing wasn’t fun but I think I’ve got the blobbing thing down pretty good. It’s a nice scatter that’s actually pretty festive-lookin’. I think I like it much more over the red than the gold.

Christian Dior Holiday 2014 Smoky 990 Golden Shock

dior golden shock: diorific vernis smoky 990 ($28 at and $27 at Oh my. Blackened plum. It’s better than a blackened cherry on account of the purple-nuss. I don’t particularly see “smoky” but I do see little streaks near the sidewalls of my index and ring fingers. The formula was thin but mostly opaque in two coats. I maybe shoulda hit it with a third coat, huh?

Dior Golden Shock 001 over Diorific Vernis Smoky Holiday 2014

dior golden shock top coat. Ha! Tricked you! I did hit it with a third coat! And guess what! I got this top coat totally nailed down now. Fish, blob. Fish, blob. It’s a new technique you’ll need to master if you ever wanna make…

Dior Golden Shock over Dior Smoky Mattified Holiday 2014

diorific smoky with dior golden shock top coat + matte. This. Make this because you can. Make it because it’s absolutely stunning. I know you’re thinking I took $60 worth of polish and slapped a $4 matte over it but you know what, I’d do it again. I can barely stand how gobsmackingly awesome this combination is. I love it the most of all the Dior Golden Shock combinations. I love it so much that this photo is now my screensaver (okay, not really, but I love it almost that much).

Now I’m curious… anything grab you? Anything making you rush over to or or out to your local Dior counter to get you some?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (matte happy) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/