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Covergirl Outlast Nail Polish: Shades of Holiday (and a Little Art)

Covergirl Nail Holiday 2014

Covergirl Outlast has some shades I can make a little holiday art with! Yes friends, you heard that right! A little art – from me!

covergirl outlast holiday fun

Often overlooked, this mass market brand of polish is very, very good. I mean it’s Covergirl, owned by P&G -- they pump a lot of dough into research and development so really, it’s no surprise the product is rock solid. Highly pigmented, with nice formulas, excellent level, and good brushes, the only drawback is the cap. It doesn’t pop off so you gotta polish with a square handle thingy – not my fave, but not such a hardship either. Wait! Sue tells me the caps do pop off! You gotta work 'em but they come off! Yay!!

Covergirl Outlast Show Stopper

above: covergirl outlast show stopper. Two coats to silvery metallic shiny.

Covergirl Outlast Toasted Almond

above: covergirl outlast toasted almond. Two coats to a simply smashing toasty hazelnut shade of fall.

Covergirl Toasted Almond Snowflake

above: covergirl outlast toasted almond witta snowflake. I made that with a dotting tool. It’s not great but I’m calling it art. I used this here white…

CoverGirl Outlast Snow Storm Polish

above: covergirl outlast snow storm. Know what? This white is good. I judge a line by their white and this one took two coats to get what you see there. Lookit that level! Lookit that cuticle line! Lookit that coverage! So good I’m calling it a great white. Ha!

Covergirl Snow Storm Outlast Nail Gloss

above: covergirl outlast snow storm with holly ballz. I know, it’s my best art ever. I got mad skillz, yo.

Covergirl Outlast Give Em the Greenlight Polish

above: covergirl outlast give ‘em the greenlight. When a dark green shows as green and not black, it’s a happy day. That’s two coats and it’s so 100% evergreen it sorta screams holiday, right?

Covergirl Outlast Polish Forever Festive

above: covergirl outlast forever festive. Gah! Too much perfect holiday red!! Perfect formula, perfect coverage, perfect polish.

So what have you just seen? Well, it’s Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss and it requires no top coat. Yep, you heard that right. Nothing I showed you there has topcoat and it’s all stupendously shiny and beautiful. You can get your hands on this stuff (and some of this stuff from Spring 2014) pretty much all over the place and prices will vary but it's $6 at and $2.99 at (select shades available). For all the Covergirl info you can handle, I invite you to visit

And just because I can, please enjoy this shot of one of my other favourite Covergirl Outlast shades.

CoverGirl Grapevine

above: covergirl outlast grapevine. I’ll never give it up. Ever.

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she just ordered 500 more swatch sticks) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/