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Pout App: Is This New Fashion/Beauty Photo-Sharing Platform Better Than Instagram?

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Oh you new university grads. All you do is laze around, drink beer, worship Netflix and invent social-media apps that take insta-posts to the next level. Well fine, I don't know if the freshly-graduated (and naturally collagen-rich) Pout app designers laze around drinking beer and watch Netflix in their spare time. But they can check "create a new platform that improves upon that other ’gram experience" off their list.

pout app: fashion/beauty photo sharing plus

Pout is a spanking-new app that allows the fashion-and-beauty-obsessed to upload photos, follow other users and *like* posts as per Instagram. However, the platform by Laura Smith and Riley Donelson, both 23, has a few more options that may make Pout more popular with the selfie-savvy crowd.

Pout app_upload tutorial videos too

"You can search by more than one hashtag," Donelson explains in answer to my blunt "How is this different from Instagram?" Sold! But that's not all. Your profile page shows the history of posts you've liked (that's handy, right?). You can import your Instagram photos and upload media from the Web -- hello, YouTube tutorials. And most importantly if you're an affiliate-link type, the duo has plans to incorporate that kind of service too.

Compatible only with iPhones at the moment, the Pout app is mere weeks into its beta-testing phase. "We're working on an android version," I'm assured when I brandish my four-year-old, obsolete Samsung Galaxy in mock frustration.

Pout app_Laura Smith and Riley Donelson

Smith, a U of Western grad with degrees in Software Engineering and Business, is responsible for coding Pout, and has a summer spent building iOS apps at Pinterest under her belt. "I was a Pin-tern," she quips. Donelson, the design side of Pout, graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in System Designs Engineering and has designed software for Apple. Of his partnership with Smith he says, "We've known each other since high school, and started bouncing startup ideas back and forth when we graduated university. This one was the best and we ran with it!"

Now let's talk about the name for a second. Yeah, it's Pout, my most-loathed word for mouth or lips. Infantile and petulant. But it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to that all-too-common selfie-face -- and probably better than calling the app "Duckface." *grin*

Want to try Pout out? Get it free at the Canadian app store; click below for a shortcut.

get the pout app free here

I'd love your feedback, beautygeeks -- this Pout app may be the kick I need to pull the trigger on an iPhone 6. Yes? No?