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and some sneak-peek info on other upcoming OPI launches

OPI Hawaii is coming in February 2015. While we’re all knee-deep in fall, winter and holiday, Hawaii is a glimpse into the future, and the future looks pretty good!

opi hawaii = bikinis & mai tais

You’re here for the swatches and I know it so let’s just do it! But before we start, I gotta let you know that instead of using a basecoat, I'm rollin' with a clear soak-off gel mani under all this stuff. I sorta almost broke a nail so to grow it out, it's patched and holding great! So far, I'm diggin' this clear Gelish stuff - it makes for a really, really nice base and my nails feel super-strong. Oh - one more little thing... please help me protect my work and share my images only with links attached. It's much appreciated. Okay - let's get to lookin'!

opi hawaii suzi shops & island hops swatch

opi hawaii suzi shops & island hops

above: opi hawaii suzi shops & island hops. I’m gonna start with this one because it was actually the first one I swatched. I had to use three coats to get what you’re lookin’ at there because my brush had a couple bent bristles and that made some little drag marks that I needed one more light coat to fix. It’s real pretty, ain’t it? A soft smiley baby pink.

opi is mai tai crooked?

opi hawaii is mai tai crooked?

above: opi hawaii is mai tai crooked? I dig this name, yes I do. I know you’re lookin’ at it thinking it’s the same as Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? but it’s not. Similar, yes; but not the same. That’s two coats, by the way – and be careful not to drag your brush against the nail – just lie the polish down as parallel and lightly down on the nail as you can and you’ll get stupendously perfect results.

opi ahloa from opi

opi hawaii aloha from opi

above: opi hawaii aloha from opi. 100% flawless coral crème in two easy coats. Le joy.

opi go with that lava flow

opi hawaii go with the lava flow

above: opi hawaii go with the lava flow. OPI is so good at this kind of polish. It’s two easy coats to get this incredibly reflective depth of sparkle you see there. It’s a stunner of a corally, orangey, fiery, golden-red sparkly shade, right?

opi just lanai-ing around

opi hawaii just lanai-ing around

above: opi hawaii just lanai-ing around. Hey! Shimmer! And also Hey! Hallo 1980! But you wanna know why I dig this shade? It’s because it’s a throwback. In my estimation, it’s exactly the right time to bring grandma shades back into the spotlight. She’d like this one. I know it. It’s two coats and the formula is pretty sweet. That little shimmer in there is sorta swell too.

opi do you take lei-away?

opi hawaii do you take lei away?

above: opi hawaii do you take lei away? I don’t have a dupe from OPI for this. Lookin’ at it you think you’ve seen it before and maybe you have but in all the 100’s of OPI bottles I have at my fingertips, I don’t have a dupe. That’s happy news ‘cause I’m kinda crushin’ on this really lovely nude crème. Yep. True story.

opi hello hawaii ya?

opi hawaii hello hawaii ya?

above: opi hawaii hello hawaii ya? Holy ballz I love this dusty raisin lilac. I love it so much I’m gonna wear it all winter and then in spring, I’ma wear it some more. Two uncomplicated crème coats. Uh huh.

opi lost my bikini in molokini

opi hawaii lost my bikini in molokini

above: opi hawaii lost my bikini in molokini. It’s purple. And it’s a good purple. Huh, lookin’ at my photo, it looks patchy but really it totally isn’t. This polish goes on in two quick coats. I thought I could sneak it through as a OCW!! but it was not to be.

opi lost my bikini in molokini mattified

opi lost my bikini in molokini mattified

above: opi hawaii lost my bikini in molokini mattified. Sometimes I play matte simply because I can't help it. OPI’s Matte Top isn’t my favourite ‘cause the brush and me aren’t friends (I consistently streak it and I don’t know why) but I kinda wanted to make it matte ‘cause that's the extent of my nail-arting ability. Don't judge.

opi pineapples have peelings too

opi hawaii pineapples have peelings too!

above: opi hawaii pineapples have peelings too! I love this name! I do! But raise your hand if you have no idea what the heck is goin’ on with this shade. For cases like these, I turn directly to the press sheet and just tell you what they told me “The heart of the matter lies in this gold shimmer with colorful sparkle.” Okay.

opi that's hula-rious

opi that's hula-rious!

above: opi hawaii that’s hula-rious! Ooooh! At first glance, I think Gargantuan Green Grape. The second glance makes me think Hey! Get in Lime! The third is hmmm.. Damone Roberts 1968? But no matter ‘cause what you see here is actually two coats as compared to the seven you’d need with Gargantuan Green Grape to get to this kind of opacity. It’s a better formula but a real similar shade. In fact, it’s closer to Get in Lime than GGG but hey, who doesn’t love this pale limey pastel shade of green?

opi my gecko does tricks over opi that's hula-rious

opi my gecko does tricks over that's hula-rious!

above: opi hawaii my gecko does tricks over that’s hula-rious! Wowza that’s bright! It’s almost the colour of new grass! And, with the streaks, it kinda even looks like grass! Do I like it? Yeah, I do. It’s shimmery green grass, man. It’s bang on for spring.

opi hawaii my gecko does tricks

opi hawaii my gecko does tricks

above: opi hawaii my gecko does tricks. So if you look a the bottle, you’ll probably see lotsa bubbles – that means the polish is thin. Thin means it likes to migrate and flood your cuticles so don’t load your brush and do thin coats. You’re gonna need three coats to get what I have up there in my swatch but they’re easy. Use quick, straight strokes from cuticle to tip to minimize streaking.

opi my gecko does tricks w black undies

opi my gecko does tricks over revlon black magic undies

above: opi hawaii my gecko does tricks over revlon black magic. Yeah, you knew it was comin’, right? I must layer all the things – it’s like an obsession. You’re glad I did this, right? Now you’re gonna do it too, right?

opi this color's making waves

opi this color's making waves

above: opi hawaii this color’s making waves. This is another rather thin metallic thingy with lots of tiny pinkish glass flecks to make it über-twinkly. Again, watch for flooding and you’re gonna need three coats to erase visible nail lines. It’s worth it though ‘cause it looks like the sun sparklin' off the ocean.

opi this color's making waves

opi this color's making waves over black magic undies

above: opi hawaii this color’s making waves over revlon black magic. Aw, yeaaaah! Do it. You know you wanna. That’s one coat of my fave black OCW!!! with one coat of This Color’s Making Waves over top. Happy happy!

And that’s Hawaii – colorful, bright, and reminiscent of sun, sand, surf, turf, ‘n flowers. I think I should go there. Who’s comin’ with me?

Oh – I almost forgot. I made you this picture of some sticks I have lying around everywhere. It's Hawaii comparison swatches vs other OPI swatches...

opi hawaii comparison swatches vs other opi

opi hawaii comparison swatches (vs other opi only)

Yes, I did it the lazy way but hey, at least I did it. You know you can always ask for other comparisons too, right? These came to mind for me immediately but if you’re wondering about others, ask away my fellow polish nerds!

opi hawaii comparison swatches this colors making waves

opi hawaii comparison swatches

And here we go! By reader request, s'more OPI Hawaii Comparison swatches. If I got the shades, I'll find the sticks. Easy, right? (NOPI = Nicole by OPI).

opi that's hula-rious comparison swatches

opi that's hula-rious! comparison swatches

opi hawaii comparison swatches do you take lei-away?

opi do you have take lei away comparison swatches

OPI This Colors Making Waves Comparison Swatch

opi this color's making waves comparison swatches

OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini Comparison Swatch

opi hawaii comparison swatch: lost my bikini vs do you have this color

OPI Hawaii is the 2015 Spring/Summer Collection and is expected to release February 4, 2015. They’re gonna retail for $11.50CAD each and will also be available at and your other reliable OPI retailers. Hawaii will also be available in GelColor at your favourite salon – prices for that will vary. For further information, I invite you to stalk

While you're patiently waiting for spring, here's what's on counter now from OPI: The OPI Nordic Collection, The OPI Peanuts Collection, and The OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection.

AND, if you've actually read all the way down to here, I'll give you some news straight from Suzi Weiss-Fischmann (news I scored through my beautiful Montreal super-hero friend Eugenia of Ommorphia Beauty Bar - she sat with Suzi at the event and kindly pumped her for info on this for me): an OPI Shades of Grey Collection really is coming. It's to be "six shades and not all of them are grey". That's the news. I don't have a release date. I'll holla if I get more info - you know I will!

opi fifty shades of grey

opi fifty shades of grey

Ooooh! OPI 50 Shades of Grey bottle shots! Left to Right: OPI My Silk Tie, OPI Romantically Involved, OPI Dark Side of the Moon, OPI Shine for Me, OPI Cement the Deal, OPI Embrace the Grey. Oh January, why must you be so far away? And lookit! ReallyRee in the UK has a bunch more bottle shots, shade descriptions, and what looks to be a mini-set!

AND, if you've made it all the way here, then I'll show you a little sumthin' sumthin' I found floating around in an obscure corner of The Interwebs. I can't confirm anything here - it's all just a big, fat maybe. Or, it might actually be a sneak peek of the OPI Soft Shades 2015 Collection. I dunno.

opi soft shades 2015

opi soft shades 2015 - maybe

Check out that 5th swatch - kinda Formula X Cherry Blossom, ain't it? Now we wait...

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (aloha, it's nice to see you!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/