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Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey Makeup Collections Coming Soon

Although ostensibly inspired by the buzzed-about movie, these kits aren't just about that after-sex glow.
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50 Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, 50 Shades of Grey

As their first-ever movie collaboration, Make Up For Ever has chosen 50 Shades of Grey. Word is that it's all about female empowerment, in lip gloss, blush and eye shadow. And sheesh. I can't help coveting more than one of these sets.

make up for ever 50 shades of grey collab

The Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey collections are not about grey. Rather, the four limited-edition sets are about creating looks from just-rolled-out-of-bed to sultry femme fatale. Inspired by a theme of female empowerment, the range celebrates a woman's freedom to be whoever she wants, with confidence -- and a killer smoky eye if she so desires. According to WWD, the sets will hit counters on December 26th 2014. The film, starring Jamie Dornan (update: love this Nov 2nd Jamie Dornan interview for The Guardian) and Dakota Johnson, opens in February 2015.

make up for ever 50 shades_Tease-Me-Lip-Trio_Innocent

Two collections focus on lips, with Make Up For Ever waterproof Aqua lip liner, Aqua Lip longwear colour and gloss, and shimmering Lab Shine gloss. Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey Tease Me Lip Trio in Innocent.

make up for ever 50 shades_Tease-Me-Lip-Trio_Passionate

Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey Tease Me Lip Trio in Passionate*covet*

make up for ever_50 shades_Desire Me Blush trio

One set all about flushed cheeks includes a gorgeous blush-and-highlight trio as well as a decadently lush MUFE blush brush. Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey Desire Me Blush Trio*covet*

make up for Ever_50 Shades collections_eye and lip set w keepsake box

The largest set, housed in a keepsake box with a lock-and-key compartment, includes a sexy-eyes palette of four shadows, plus an eye liner, mascara, lipstick and gloss. Make Up For Ever 50 Shades of Grey Eye and Lip Collection.

A brand known for its artist appeal, this is Make Up For Ever's first calculated foray into the mainstream. What do you think?

Fifty Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

And pssst: as our manigeek told you here in her OPI Hawaii swatch post, looks like Make Up For Ever isn't the only one with a 50 Shades connection. OPI is expected to release a six-shade 50 Shades collection to coincide with the film's release too. Stay tuned. (UPDATE: a sneak-peek shot of the collection has been added to the Hawaii post.)

UPDATE QUESTION: Is it as surprising to you as it is to us that MUFE has aligned itself with 50 Shades? OPI is no surprise, but is there another makeup brand that maybe would have been less unexpected? Maybe Benefit? L'Oreal Paris? Tarte?