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Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty Now in Canada (Have You Tried Anything Yet?)

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Drew Barrymore_Flower Beauty now in Canada_Fall 2014

Drew Barrymore's cosmetics line Flower Beauty is finally on Canadian WalMart shelves, starting now. If you recall, the actress/producer/director announced her makeup line way back in December 2012; it's been available at WalMart in the US since January 2013.

drew barrymore flower beauty now in canada

Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty_Lip Butters

We at Beautygeeks haven't yet tried any items from Flower -- have any of you Canadian beautygeeks tried anything yet? What about you US-based lovelies? If you're familiar with the Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty lineup, what do you recommend as the brand's star items? What should we try first? Please say the Lip Service Lip Butters -- they're so calling to me (no surprise).

Drew Barrymore_Flower Beauty_now in Canada

Am dying a bit at how gorgeous this Fall 2014 beauty shot of Drew is. (Makes me want to try this look. You?)

Speaking of, if you are new to Drew Barrymore's makeup line, you'll want to hit the brand website to see what it's about. Definitely have a peek at the Flower Beauty tutorial videos Drew filmed during 2013.

Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty_Canada

And hey -- if you could ask Drew Barrymore just one question about Flower Beauty, or her own beauty routine, or on the topic of women and beauty etc, what would it be?

Flower Beauty Lip Butter and maple-leaf shots via instagram/flowerbeauty.