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Formula X Paint the Town Holiday 2014

Formula X Paint The Town Tumblr

Squeeee! Formula X Holiday Gift Sets! I want all!!

Dear Santa,
Here’s a list of stuff to bring me. I’ve been good. I promise.
Love always,

formula x holiday 2014

Formula X The X Look Holiday edition 2014

formula x: the x look holiday. First, my friends, there’s this little 4-shade mini collection of perfectly holiday-esque hues. It’s called The X Look Holiday and I think it’s perfect.

Formula X The X Look Set Sephora Beautygeeks

In here you’re gonna find gold-capped bottles (sweet!) in shades of Obsessed, Thrilling, a new shade Temptation, and another new shade…

Formula X Impassioned The X Look Set Sephora Beautygeeks

formula x: impassioned. She’s very beautiful and very sophisticated, no? That’s two coats right there without a top coat.

Formula X Alchemy_1 Holiday 2014

formula x alchemy. Then there’s this limited edition, stand-alone shade of platinum-infused, mixed metal shimmer polish which is pretty special. It doesn’t shift.

Formula X Alchemy_2 Holiday 2014

formula x alchemy: What it does is catch the light in different ways and look like all kinds of luxury.

Formula X Alchemy over Impassioned Holiday 2014 Beautygeeks

formula x impassioned with an alchemy fade. I can’t art. Let’s not even pretend. But I made this. It’s two coats of Impassioned and an almost dry brush of Alchemy from the free edge down. Easy!

The Formula X The X Look holiday set is $31 at and $25 at

formula x paint party

Formula X Paint Party Holiday 2014

Check out this cutest little paint can ever! Wanna see what’s in there?

Formula X Paint Party Opener

Let’s use this adorable little paint can opener thingy that they've kindly attached so I don't break a nail, and let's pop the top!

Formula X Paint Party Top Popped

formula x paint party: getting closer…

Formula X Paint Party Guts_1

formula x paint party guts #1: Oooh! Press pods! 24 of ‘em! These are single use polishes that are insanely handy for travel. Each pod contains enough polish to do all 10 fingers with two coats of polish.

Formula X Paint Party Guts_2

formula x paint party guts #2: And instructions. Yes, those are handy. And what else? Delete All remover wipes in handy travel pouches. So smart, Formula X.

The Formula X Paint Party holiday set is $49 at and $39 at

formula x paint the town

Formula X Paint the Town_1

This paint can is bigger than the Paint Party and it’s got six new shades in it for a total of 22 mini polishes. Twenty-two. Yep.

Formula X Paint the Town_2

Two words: limited edition. Two other words: gimmie that. Why? Because I like Formula X polishes. I like the formula, I like the brush, and I really love their vast array of shades. It’s good stuff.

Fomula X Moon Sign over Formula X Prophecy

formula x moon sign over formula x prophecy: Hey! Check it out! I arted again! That Moon Sign is one of the new shades in my Paint the Town can. It’s sparkly. You can make all kinds of holiday happen with all of the shades in this set. How do I know this?

Formula X Paint the Town Nail Art

formula x paint the town instruction booklet: I know this because the can comes with a how-to booklet so you can get holiday inspired nails too. Pretty great, right? And if you want to see swatches, has them here.

The Formula X Paint the Town Mini holiday gift set is $69 at sephora.caand $55 at

So? Anything grab you? Anything you need to add to your list for Santa? If I were me, I’d be sure to snap up one of the Paint The Town Mini Nail Polish Sets. For a massive blast of a wide variety of polish shades, holiday sets just can’t be beat. I love them. They give me the grabby hands.

All this stuff can be found at Sephora exclusively, in-store or at and Or you Santa can shop this post below!


Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she still has the hots for Prophecy) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/ Opening image via Formula X Tumblr.