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Revlon Boho Chic: Jewel Tones for Fall 2014 Nail Colour

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Revlon Boho Chic Collection fall 2014

Revlon polish makes me happy. Revlon Boho Chic makes me happy too. It’s a quick, three shade post to show you what Revlon and Gucci Westman (Revlon’s global artistic director) have been up to for Fall.

boho chic in jewel tones

Revlon Boho Chic Bohemian fall 2014

above: revlon bohemian 585. She’s a pretty jewel-toned turquoise foil that goes on really nicely in two thin coats. There’s no top coat on there and I’m guessing you can see it’s wonderfully opaque with almost no streaking at all. Pretty smashing for a foil, huh?

Revlon Boho Chic Artsy 485 winter 2014

above: revlon boho chic artsy 485 (2 coats with top coat). Cobalt blue with a crap-tonne of glitter bits = win. This stuff isn’t a regular polish. Nope, it’s not. You’re gonna open the bottle and think you can just paint it on but that’s really not going to work out so well for you. Lemme tell you why. You can’t simply paint it on. For your first coat, pretend it’s regular polish and just try to get even colour coverage – totally ignore the glitter bits and concentrate on clean lines instead. Your first coat is going to look like crap and the glitter distribution is going to suck - kinda like what you see blobbed on my desk!

Revlon Boho Chic Artsy 485 fall 2014

above: revlon boho chic artsy 485 (2 coats with top coat). Then, for your second coat, load up the brush and paint that stuff on. The glitter will go where you need it to and your lines will be clean because your first coat did all the hard work. After your second coat, slap on a coat of your thickest top coat to make everything shiny. It’s pretty swell, right?

Revlon Boho Chic Limited Edition Edgy no top coat

above: revlon boho chic edgy limited edition (2 coats no top coat). Edgy is the same deal as Artsy except it's a limited edition. Same application process where you make sure your coverage with colour is good on the first coat and then blob away with the second. This shot right here is without topcoat – the texture without top coat makes me cringe a little.

Revlon Edgy top coated fall 2014

above: revlon boho chic edgy (2 coats with top coat). Slap on that thick top coat (I used my Formula X for Sephora top coat) and it turns into a jelly sammich. Lookit all them bits in the bottle! Mostly I’m not a fan of this kind of chunky glitter polish 'cause I despise the removal of it but this confection for this time of year is bang on. I’ma keep this bottle forever.

Deep jewel tones are SO fall. The Revlon Boho Chic collection deep jewel tones with sparkle are even more perfect for fall. I loves them. These shades are due to pop up in drugstores, mass retailers and starting November 2014. They’ll run you about $6.29 each CAD. For more information on the Revlon Boho Chic collection, visit

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (punkin pie in da house!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/