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Causemetics Today: New Collection Helps Breast Cancer Patients Live NOW

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Causemetics Today, new natural Canadian cosmetics collaboration is thinking about the cost of living with cancer. A Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund (CBCSF) initiative, the Causemetics collection features re-branded items from 11 Canadian natural-beauty brands. From $4 to $10 of each sale helps to provide short-term financial assistance while patients go through breast-cancer treatment. Instead of research, this is about groceries, car payments, utilities bills... living

causemetics today to aid breast cancer patients now

Breast-cancer survivor Donna Sheehan founded the CBCSF after years of providing psychosocial support to others affected by the disease. "It became very clear that the financial cost was often more stressful than the diagnosis and treatment," she says in the Causemetics press release. “Despite tens of millions raised to find a cure, many of the 23,000 Canadians diagnosed this year need financial help today. We donate the lion’s share of funds raised to helping women fight the disease. Causemetics represents a long-term fundraising revenue stream."

CAUSEmetics Today collection to help breast-cancer patients with the financial strain of the disease

The Causemetics range includes products from Canadian natural-formula brands such as Consonant Body, LoveFresh, Ella's, Pure & Simple and Graydon. The lineup is as follows:

Graydon, Green Cream
Causemetics Today Face & Body Lotion, $29
Evoke, Perfume
Causemetics Today Botanical Perfume, $55
Lovefresh, Natural Deodorant
Causemetics Today Natural Cream Deodorant, $15
Ella’s Botanicals, Skin Soother
Causemetics Today Hand & Body Lotion, $20
Sappho, Lip Gloss
Causemetics Today Lip Gloss, $22
Province Apothecary, Makeup Remover
Causemetics Today Moisturizing Cleanser, $42
Sigrid, First Aid Salve
Causemetics Today Skin Healing Salve, $39.95
Cocoon Apothecary, Serum
Causemetics Today Moisturizing Serum, $48
Pure + Simple, Minimalist Lotion
Causemetics Today Hand and Body Cream, $49.95
Consonant Skincare, Body Soap
Causemetics Today Body Soap, $12
Schaf, Moisturizer
Causemetics Today Moisturizer, $45

On the collection's packaging, “Causemetics emphasizes 'today' because despite illness and the inability to work, the rent is due, groceries need to be bought, car payments need to be made, hospital parking needs to be purchased – not someday, today,” says Kathleen Collins, VP of Integrated Solutions at Cheil, the advertising company that helped develop the branding visuals. Each item's label also indicates a donation amount from $4 to $10.

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As of today, Causemetics is available via and

What do you think of this initiative? Are you already familiar with any of the products included in the Causemetics collection?

Photo: Peter Schafrick.