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Pepcid Complete: The Best Antacid Tablets (Things of Beauty)

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Pepcid Complete_best antacid and acid reducer

I want to go back and edit the headline to say something more beauty-smart, but the fact is I just love Pepcid Complete. If you've ever reached for a roll of antacids more than once a day, you'd love it too.

what's in your desk drawer?

One of my friends is a magazine senior editor at an office in downtown Toronto. Hit with heartburn one afternoon, she asked whether any of her colleagues had antacids, and was amused (and rescued) when almost everyone produced a partial roll of tablets from their desks.

I enjoyed this anecdote when she related it in response to my pulling a bottle of Pepcid Complete from my bag. Then I completely geeked out about the best antacids ever, ever, ever.

pepcid complete: best antacid stuff ever ever ever

I get stupid heartburn fairly regularly in response to starchy foods or the occasional sugary treat (sheesh). Pepcid Complete is my savior: it shuts indigestion down right quick, and for the rest of the day. I've never needed to take more than one in a 24-hour stretch.

Once again, I regret that I didn't know before I got into this industry that I wanted to be a chemist. I don't know how all the ingredients work, but according to the Pepcid website, actives include "10 mg of famotidine, 800 mg of calcium carbonate and 165 mg of magnesium hydroxide. Each tablet provides 320 mg of elemental calcium and 69 mg of elemental magnesium." And here's how the site says Pepcid Complete is different from the usual tablets, and how Pepcid Complete is different from over-the-counter PPI (proton pump inhibitor) options, too.

Pepcid Complete_best antacids ever

If you've ever found yourself digging into a roll of antacids within a few hours of the last one, Pepcid Complete could be your savior too. At about $20 for a bottle of 50 antacids, it's way more expensive than some other brands. But totally worth it -- it works so fast and so well. I carry Pepcid Complete tablets around with me like they're lip balms. Just like Reactine Liquid Gels for wretched allergies, Pepcid Complete helps me function during extreme discomfort. I have a lamentably low discomfort threshold (lip balm is seriously a coping necessity). And I keep a bottle of Pepcid Complete in my desk, I just realized (my desk is just steps away from my kitchen, where I keep extra Pepcid Complete bottles in my pantry).

Yup, lip balm and Pepcid Complete, both my-life necessities.

And it's Thankgiving Day today in Canada -- maybe this Pepcid post is timely for more people than usual?

Do you keep antacids in your desk? Have you ever tried Pepcid Complete?

Pepcid Complete is $14.99 CAN per bottle of 25 tablets at and $19.99 US per bottle of 50 tablets at (A bottle of 25 tablets is $12.31 US at

I wasn't asked to write this post; it's not sponsored. Would it matter if it were? Serious question.