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Hello Kitty Nail Art Kit: Kawaii 40th Anniversary

Hello Kitty Nail Stamping Kawaii Set 40th Anniversary

Hello Kitty nail stuff makes me giddy. I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. True story. I don’t know what it is about her but even though I’m older than she is, I love her so much. She’s 40 now but she still looks so great!

hello kitty nail happy

Yeah, let’s not talk – let’s just look, smile, and be thankful that we can all order this totally adorable set from and have it delivered to our front door in time to make the cutest nails for a Hello Kitty holiday.

Hello Kitty Nail Stamping Kawaii Kit

above: hello kitty nail kit. That’s the lid. It’s Super cute! (says so right on it – that’s how I can tell).

Hello Kitty Konad Stamping Plate Kawaii Set

above: hello kitty nail stamping plate. It’s by Konad – they’re apparently pretty sweet plates, yo. I wouldn’t know because I can’t art. But with this thingy, I really might start.

Hello Kitty Konad Stamping Set Kawaii

above: hello kitty nail stamper thingy. It’s nice and squishy (but not too squishy) and really feels like it’ll do what you wannit to do. That’s good, right? Oh – and the scraper dealie. There’s that too.

Hello Kitty Polish Kawaii 40th Anniversary Set

above: hello kitty nail polish. That’s Ruby Red and Bright white.

Hello Kitty Nail Decals Kawaii Set_1

above: hello kitty apple nail stickers. Wait. They’re not stickers. They’re these adorable little flexible things that you gotta stick onto wet polish and then top coat over or they’ll fall off. But holy crap they’re cute!

Hello Kitty 3D Nail Jewels

above: hello kitty 3D nail jewels. If you thought those apples were cute… Check out this digit bling, yo! Again, you’re gonna glue it on with polish and later, when you look down and it’s gone, you’ll wonder if maybe you ate it when you ate those chicken wings at lunch.

Hello Kitty Nail Stickers Kawaii Set

above: hello kitty nail stickers. These actually are stickers and they’re the kind I can handle. Peel. Stick. Done.

Hello Kitty Nail Stickers Kawaii Set_2

above: hello kitty nail stickers. MOAR stickers!

Hello Kitty Nail Stickers Kawaii Set_3

above: hello kitty nail stickers. De-packaged so you can see they’re transparent.

Hello Kitty Nail Appliques Kawaii Set

above: hello kitty kawaii set nail appliqués. Oh. I’m not good at these but I can’t use them yet. I’m closing the whole set now and wrapping it up to put under the tree. I’m going to write on the gift tag too. It’s gonna say “To: Karen. From: Santa”

Hello Kitty Kawaii Set bottom

You can get one of these too and if you're short on time, the easiest way is from She retails for $47 at and for $39 at, and I love her. I’m really, really glad I was a good girl this year and Santa will be stopping by. If you know any other good girls, I’ll betcha they’d be 100% chuffed to find this limited-edition Hello Kitty Nail Kawaii Set under their tree too.

Oh – right – I should mention my manicure isn’t Hello Kitty. It’s OPI Mod About You + OPI Bearest Of Them All Top Coat. I’m not allowed to play in this Hello Kitty nail kit until I get it for Christmas.

Manicure and photographs by Karen Falcon (she’s got her eye on the Hello Kitty An Apple A Day Trio Lip Balm Set too – yes, also from Sephora) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/