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Chanel Les Rouges Culte Le Vernis Fall 2014: Classic Reds Return

Chanel-Les-Rouges-Culte-Fall-2014_Chanel Le Vernis

The Chanel Les Rouges Culte Collection le Vernis Automne 2014 is coming. We’re talking about three 1980's classic reds that'll be making a triumphant return just so you can get ’em. C’mon! Let’s look!

chanel les rouges cultes: le vernis

Chanel Les Rouges Culte Fall 2014

Statement red nails are always hot for the festive season, and a head-turning glamorous orange-red is part of the Chanel holiday 2014 collection. But this little trio is different. A nostalgic re-release of three fabulous red polish favourites, the Chanel Les Rouges Culte release features hot hues from 1980, 1981 and 1987. (Let's not do the math on how long ago they debuted.)

Chanel les rouges culte Rouge Flamboyant 38 Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: chanel rouge flamboyant 38 – 1980. Chanel says “this fiery red introduced cheerful energy into a new decade.” Really, what you’re looking at is a perfect poppy red. So perfect and so Chanel, right? Two coats.

Chanel les rouges culte Laque Rouge 71 Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: chanel laque rouge 71 – 1981. The word on this one is that “this deep red shade reveals an incomparable elegance.” I didn’t find it that deep but I did find it elegant. Laque Rouge 71 makes my fingers look like money.

Chanel les rouges culte Rouge No19 Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: chanel rouge Nº19 – 1987. Apparently, “this luminous blue-red expresses playful femininity.” It’s raspberry but you can call it blue-red if you like. I call it a really swell shade of red that's all crazy kinds of perfect for fall.

Chanel le Vernis Les Rouges Culte Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: chanel collection les rouges culte - fall 2014

I’m so incredibly glad about Chanel Les Rouges Culte. There are tonnes and tonnes of reds out there but in my estimation, Chanel does red polish (oh, my bad - le vernis) best. To be able to get hands on these unforgettable shades is pure magic for me. Oh, and two words, people: Limited Edition.

These hot Chanel Les Rouges Culte shades ($28 CAD) will be available starting November 3rd at all Chanel beauty counters and at S’nice to see Chanel bring back classic reds, ain’t it?

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (fiery is a weird word) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/ Opening image via