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Revlon Polish Swatchfest + Eight Gel Envy F/W Shades

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revlon gel envy swatches

revlon gel envy swatches

Me ’n Revlon polish go back probably 30 years. It’s one of the first polish brands I ever bought and because of that, it holds a special place in my nail enamel heart. I shopped my Revlon stash and pulled out some pretties, and while I was doin’ that, I also discovered some Gel Envy shades I meant to show you ages ago. Oops!

revlon polish pretties

I’ma start with the permanent collection stuff I got goin’ on in my “archives.”

revlon divine

revlon divine

above: revlon polish divine.

revlon fearless

revlon fearless

above: revlon polish fearless.

revlon bubbly

revlon bubbly

above: revlon polish bubbly.

revlon girly

revlon girly over bubbly

above: revlon polish girly over bubbly.

revlon pure pearl

revlon pure pearl

above: revlon polish pure pearl.

revlon posh

revlon posh

above: revlon polish posh.

revlon optimistic

revlon optimistic

above: revlon polish optimistic.

revlon optimistic with revlon tangerine tips

revlon optimistic with tangerine tips

above: revlon polish optimistic with tangerine tips. Yes, that’s the extent of my awesome art skillz. Don’t judge.

revlon iconic

revlon iconic

above: revlon polish iconic.

revlon radiant

revlon radiant over iconic

above: revlon polish radiant over revlon iconic

revlon urban

revlon urban

above: revlon polish urban.

revlon flash of fuchsia

revlon flash of fuchsia over revlon black magic

above: revlon flash of fuchsia (2005 color beam sheer collection – discontinued) over black magic. Lookit how much love that bottle has had! Lookit!

revlon black magic

revlon black magic

above: revlon top speed black magic 890. Yes, it’s my all-time favourite OCW* black polish. She goes on in 1 coat, levels stupendously, dries fast, and is beautifully shiny. Big.Love.

revlon gel envy – the fall/wintery shades

Lotsa people have had lotsa issues with this relatively new line of ColorStay Gel Envy polish from Revlon. I am not one of those people. I’ve had brilliant success with it. BUT, BubbleGate is real, so I must advise caution. There have been reports of bubbling on first coat, second coat, and top coat. Bubbles are bad. If you’ve been using it bubble-free since launch, then you’re good to go. If you’re looking at this and it’s a brand new thing to you, I advise you to head over to our original post on Revlon Gel Envy and give the comments a read-through before you make a decision on whether or not to buy it.

Now, because the stuff is actually pretty great on my nails (no BubbleGate here), and possibly on your nails too, I’ve got the eight shades I neglected to show you in that original post.

revlon sure thing

revlon gel envy: sure thing

above: revlon gel envy sure thing. This polish was a little thick and a little gloopy but with careful application, it’s tidy and opaque in 2 coats.

revlon beginners luck

revlon gel envy: beginner's luck

above: revlon gel envy beginner’s luck. A pretty, sparkly sheer affair that goes on easily in 2 coats.

revlon checkmate

revlon gel envy: checkmate

above: revlon gel envy checkmate. That’s a nice nude with great level and great coverage in just 2 nice coats.

revlon hold 'em

revlon gel envy: hold 'em

above: revlon gel envy hold ’em. Oh, hallo Fall!

revlon ace of spades

revlon gel envy: ace of spades

above: revlon gel envy ace of spades. There’s a subtle silver micro shimmer in there that’s wicked hard to see unless you zoom the pic. I dig the formula on this one – nice and plasticized with a super level. I love a good grey.

revlon long shot

revlon gel envy: long shot

above: revlon gel envy long shot. You could do this in 1 thick coat or 2 thin coats – I leave it up to you to decide. Either way, it’s autumnally orange, right?

revlon gel envy double down

revlon gel envy: double down

above: revlon gel envy double down. Oh! A coppery golden thingy that’s not particularly streaky at all! And get this… OCW!!!*

revlon high roller

revlon gel envy: high stakes

above: revlon gel envy high stakes. You’re lookin’ at this thinking it’s a genius evergreen green. And you’re almost right except for the gloop factor. If you can conquer that, the level is pretty good and when it’s all on there nice and tidy, it’s superbly shiny even before topcoat! I dig shiny. I don't dig green nails 'n cuticles from removal though -- you've been warned.

I have plenty more Revlon polishes all up in here – I prolly got over 100 of ’em and I still keep buying more. I like the colours, I like the finish, and I quite like the price. You can get this stuff at mass retailers,, and drugstores all over the place. Prices vary depending on what line you’re buying and where you’re at.

*OCW!!! = one coat wonder

revlon topaz

revlon chromachameleon: topaz over black magic

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she bought herself all 8 bottles of the chroma chameleon set) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/