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CND Vinylux Holiday 2014 + a side order of CND Fall 2014

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CND Holiday 2014 Gilded Dreams

CND has 3 new shade offerings for Holiday 2014 and they’re launching in both Vinylux and Shellac. Oh, and I have the fall 2014 Modern Folklore collection for you to look at too!

cnd vinylux holiday of gilded dreams

Let us begin…

CND Vinylux Chiffon Twirl Holiday 2014

above: cnd vinylux holiday chiffon twirl. That’s 2 coats of rather unimpressive rosy metallic frosty-ness. Yes, you can call it a foil if you want to. The coverage is good, the brush is good, and the streaks are minimal. If you’re a fan of shades like these, this is for you. It's just not for me ’cause it turns my whole hand pink.

CND Vinylux Grand Gala Holiday 2014

above: cnd vinylux holiday grand gala. This here is also two coats. I suppose you can wear it alone but if you really look at it you can see there’s an interesting little pinky-gold sorta shiftyness that’ll probably lend itself very well to layering.

CND Vinylux Holiday 2014 Grand Gala over Black

above: cnd vinylux holiday grand gala over black. So I layered it over Revlon Black Magic because that's how I roll. And it’s better. So much better. That’s one coat of my OCW* Revlon Black Magic followed by one coat of Grand Holiday. Beautiful, right?

CND Vinylux Dazzling Dance Holiday 2014

above: cnd vinylux holiday dazzling dance. And then there’s this odd thingy. That’s two coats to a sheer, sparkly lilac-blue thing that I really can’t get behind. I have a feeling though…

CND Vinylux Holiday 2014 Dazzling Dance over black

above: cnd vinylux holiday dazzling dance over black. Yes! Yes! Do this! In fact, you can layer this shade over anything that’s dark and it’ll probably come out looking superb. It’s built for this. Don’t even bother using it alone. Just don’t do it. Oh – and use the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat too, yes? I did!

CND Vinylux Dazzling Dance Holiday Gilded Dreams 2014_2

above: cnd vinylux holiday dazzling dance over black unfocused under an Ottlite. I don’t often shoot using my Ottlite – I prefer to use natural light because in my estimation, it shows the colour on my side of the screen most accurately. Having said that, I’ve chosen to shoot under the lamp here so you can see the iridescent sparkly bits that are lurking in that polish waiting to jump out at you in full sun. It’s pretty. Very, very pretty.

CND Gilded Dreams Holiday 2014 will be available in both Shellac (for pro-use only) and in the Vinylux Weekly Polish System ($11.50 each) worldwide as of October 2014.

cnd vinylux modern folklore = fall 2014

CND Modern Folklore Fall 2014

I found this lurking in a folder! I forgot I even had it! Let’s look at the stuff that’s out there for you right, right now! I’m not going to say much ’cause a picture is apparently worth 1000 words.

CND Vinylux Plum Paisley Modern Folklore Fall 2014

above: cnd vinylux plum paisley – 2 coats of a lightly shimmered plummy eggplant.

CND Vinylux Crimson Sash Modern Folklore Fall 2014

above: cnd vinylux crimson sash – 2 coats to a gorgeous metallic fall red.

CND Vinylux Fine Vermillion Modern Folklore Fall 2014

above: cnd vinylux fine vermillion – 2 coats of Ooooh! Aaaah! Gimmie that!

CND Vinylux Rose Brocade Modern Folklore Fall 2014

above: cnd vinylux rose brocade – 2 coats get you to a perfect poppy red.

CND Vinylux Locket Love Modern Folklore Fall 2014

above: cnd vinylux locket love – 2 coats of pale golden metallic foil. And what? It’s barely streaky at all! Bonus.

CND Vinylux Indigo Frock_2 Modern Folklore Fall 2014

above: cnd vinylux indigo frock – 2 coats to a beautifully dark navy with a touch of grey. Yes, it looks pretty  much black - I tried 3 different cameras to try and get the blue out but alas, I'm a failure. The bottle shows the shade much better than the actual swatch.

I tell ya what, there's not much to say because this stuff from CND Vinylux all goes on fantastically well, levels beautifully, and, because their brush is good, it's completely opaque in 2 incredibly easy coats. Don’t forget your Vinylux Weekly Top Coat though, right? You need that so you can extend the wear of your pretty fall or holiday mani!

The CND Vinylux Modern Folklore collection is available in Canada now at Trade Secrets. For more information, visit

*OCW = one coat wonder

Manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (her desk-side recycling bucket is full) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/