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Dear John Travolta: Please Take a Cue from The Forger and Lighten Up

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John Travolta hair black and hair with grey

One of the most aging things an older man can do to himself is dye his grey(ing) hair too dark -- facial hair, too. Immediately John Travolta springs to mind, right? That he was just at TIFF sporting improbable boot-black hair and beard makes it easy to think of him first. Plus, this isn't a new thing to say about Travolta's hair. I just feel the need to talk about it now because I saw The Forger at TIFF last week, and his grey-streaked movie hair looked so much better.

john travolta: the forger hair is better

John Travolta

As we age, skin gets paler. Aside from broadcasting a desperate dye job, dense boot-black hair creates too much of a contrast against older skin; it makes the complexion look stark and older (although you have to note that Travolta, 60, has great skin). A matching beard is not an improvement (according to someone on Instagram, it's for another movie).

John Travolta_The Forger_sure fake hair but better colour than black

Look how much better John Travolta's hair and brows are in The Forger. With that hair colour, he's really still quite a striking man on screen. Those streaks of light brown and grey make him look kind of sexy -- there I said it. The length helps, too.

John Travolta The Forger hair

You know what? I think Travolta, 60, looks great in this shot snapped on the set of The Forger. Definitely without the full black beard. And I don't care that this hair doesn't look real -- it doesn't look any less fake than the black lid he often sports.

John Travolta_back to black

That beard... there are no words. No good words. And those too-dark brows dyed to match. That the beard is for another film character is a tiny bit of relief, but...

John Travolta_The Forger_better hair colour

This is better! Do this, John, do this.

John Travolta_no hair piece but still improbably black buzz

Better yet, leave off the hair pieces entirely and lighten up on the buzzed ’do (and the brows, too). Thin hair and a receding hairline are less obvious when the colour is softer, in less contrast against the skin. Colour variation would help as well -- go a lighter neutral or ash brown, and let the sideburns go grey.

Who else has thoughts on this?

John Travolta red carpet photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP.