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Essie Winter 2014 Polish: Sneak Peek

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Hey Essie fans, the Essie Winter 2014 nail polish lineup is due out next month! Sneak peeks at the collection, called Essie Jiggle Hi/Jiggle Low, are just starting to hit online so you can pin images to your Pinterest "October Wants" board.

*Update October 2, 2014: Our Essie Winter 2014 Swatches are up! You can find them here: Essie Winter 2014: Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low + Luxeffects.

essie winter 2014: jiggle hi/jiggle low

Essie Winter 2014_Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low_shade names

We got this Essie Winter 2014 image (click to enlarge) from TheSilverNail. We also got a chuckle out from her grammar critique of the name of the collection, and we fully agree. Head over to see the Essie Jiggle Hi/Jiggle Low bottle display and art.

What do you think of the Essie Winter 2014 shades? The names? If these shades don't tempt, what kind of colours would you have preferred to see?

Essie is available at select drugstores and salons.