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A TIFF Media Lounge is not Your Average Media Lounge

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TIFF media lounge_Tarte Amazonian Clay powder blush

If, for any random reason, you might have wondered what a media lounge is, I can tell you. It's a tucked-away room at an event venue, and it's usually quipped with electrical outlets, a table or two, maybe even some laptops secured to said table, and some chairs, maybe a couch. Probably there's coffee, water, perhaps soft drinks. It's a room set up so journalists covering the event have a place to recharge iPhones, check emails between guest-of-honour interviews, then sit, write fast and file a story, asap. TIFF media lounges are a bit different. Okay, a lot different. Lemme show you.

tiff essentials: the good press

TIFF media lounge_The Good Press juices

Now that I think about it, the TIFF Essentials lounge is not so much a TIFF media lounge as it is a gifting suite you read about before big Hollywood award shows. The concept is to outfit entertainment, fashion and beauty reporters with fashion, beauty and lifestyle items that help them get ready for any TIFF premieres or parties. Tasty organic pressed juice from The Good Press is a start. They have a new location in Yorkville. I'm a fan of their work, in particular a kale/ cucumber/ celery/ parsley/ romaine/ apple/ lemon/ ginger concoction called Emerald City, and an all-greens mix called All-In.

tiff essentials: skinceuticals

TIFF media lounge_Skinceuticals skin diagnostic camera thing

Best stop at the TIFF Essentials media lounge: The Skinceuticals nook, for a 10-minute Skinceuticals professional 20% glycolic-acid peel. No pain, no redness, no downtime. Bye, bye dull complexion and flaky dry skin. But first, stick your head into this Skinceuticals Skinscope thing that shows you all the horrifying photodamage/hyperpigmentation spots lurking just under the surface of your skin.

tiff essentials: micropedi and micronail

TIFF media lounge_MicroNail nail polishing tool or nail buffer tool

In addition to heel-smoothing services via the genius MicroPedi, the lounge offered a quick nail-buffing session via its newest release, the MicroNail nail buffer or polishing tool. All the details and a short video on the MicroNail tool are here.

TIFF media lounge_MicroPedi nail attachments

These are manicure-tool attachments you can use with your MicroPedi if you have one. They fit into the side of your roller. They do not fit the MicroNail; it's an entirely different design.

tiff essentials: rockport

TIFF media lounge_Rockport Nike technology insole

Need comfy shoes while you stand about waiting for red-carpet stars? Rockport has bouncy Adiprene by Adidas insoles in many of their shoes, including women's flats and pumps.

TIFF media lounge_Rockport men's shoe

These are men's shoes; I just liked the look. Oh, the lounge also offered lingerie from Calvin Klein, really cute bra sets and the like.

tiff essentials: tarte cosmetics

TIFF media lounge_Tarte Amazonian Clay powder blush

At the TIFF Essentials Tarte Cosmetics station, beautiful makeup applications could be had. Winks Eyelash Boutique was close by to help put false lashes on.

TIFF media lounge_Tarte Cheek Stains

The Tarte Cheek Stains are so covetable, especially in their newish colourful packaging. Flush is a universal favourite for its sheer, lively, apple-cheek finish.

TIFF media lounge_Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment pencils

Tarte Pure Pigment lip colour -- I haven't tried these. Have you? Verdict?

TIFF media lounge_Tarte LipSurgence pencils

TIFF media lounge_Tarte makeup brushes

Tarte brushes all feature cruelty-free bristles. Since we started using "cruel-free" instead of "synthetic," the quality has really shot up. These brushes are so wonderfully soft. I don't own any, but I spent some time with these.

TIFF media lounge_Tarte Fresh Eyes makeup remover wipes

tiff essentials: schwarzkopf

TIFF media lounge_Schwarzkopf station

Yep. Hair salon. In a media lounge. Get yer 'do did and get on out to work.

tiff essentials: balzac's coffee

TIFF media lounge_Balzac's coffee

Don't forget to grab a (really good) coffee to go!

The TIFF Essentials folks sent journalists and tv hosts off with an Essentials bag that included much of what you see above, and a Recovery bag of after-TIFF items such as a box of Your Tea Tiny Tea detox tea, a good book (Still Alice by Lisa Genova, now a movie at TIFF starring the luminous Julianne Moore), and Viviscal hair supplements to help restore bounce, strength and density.

Wish there were a TIFF media lounge like this that we could go to every day.

I've got a couple more of these sorts of lounges to show you; stay tuned.

Can you tell I just wanted to play in the Tarte stuff? Has anyone tried the Pure Pigment pencils? The eye-makeup remover wipes? The brushes?