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Avon Polish for Fall 2014: Stardust and Metallic Effects

Avon Polish Fall 2014

Avon polish makes me happy. Every once in a while it lands in my lap and it always brings a smile. They pump lots of dough into their R&D so you just know that whatever trend they’re following, they’re gonna do it right. They haven’t disappointed me yet. Wanna see?

avon polish metallic effects

There are five shades in this release and they’re all nice and metallic-chromey deals that remind me of the Estée Lauder metallics from fall 2013.I used the Nicole by OPI QDTC (quick dry top coat) under all of it as a base coat – it cuts down on streaky-ness and helps you get a smooth application. Then, no top coat - mostly because I'm lazy.

Avon Polish Fall 2014 Icy Purple Metallic Effects

above: avon icy purple metallic effects – 2 coats

Avon Polish Fall 2014 Jade Reflection Metallic Effects

above: avon jade reflection metallic effects – 2 coats

Avon Polish Fall 2014 Copper Gleam Metallic Effects

above: avon copper gleam metallic effects – 2 coats

Yes, they’re a little pearly in their 3-free metallic-ness so that results in a touch of streaky no matter what you do. From arms length, it’s easily tolerable though and the formula and brush make application a breeze so I’m gonna go ahead and say this stuff is pretty sweet. It doesn’t wear spectacularly well but you expect that with a chrome, right?

avon polish stardust

Oooh! It’s like Pixie Dust meets Liquid Sand and with all that R&D I talked about, Avon totally nailed it. Again, there are five available shades and they’ve all got different sizes of glitter and sparkly bits to give your nails that textured sandy/dusty/twinkly finish.

Avon Stardust Crystallized Pink Fall 2014

above: avon stardust crystallized pink – 2 coats

Avon Stardust Jewel Blue Fall 2014

above: avon stardust jewel blue – 2 coats

Avon Stardust Jewel Blue with Topcoat Fall 2014

above: avon stardust jewel blue with topcoat - the addition of QDTC smoothes out the texture some but doesn’t make any particular colour difference

Avon polish Black Sequins Stardust Fall 2014

above: avon stardust black sequins – 2 coats

Avon pollish Stardust Black Sequins Fall 2014

above: avon stardust black sequins with top coat – Ooh! I made a galaxy! Another coat of top and it might have been smooooth. I prefer it without the top coat – I like the more charcoal sparkly of it without.

So it’s happy polishing times with Avon this fall – this stuff is all available ($6.99CAD each) as of September and you can get it from an Avon Rep or online at S'pretty, right?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she’s gonna go eat something now) ©2014BEAUTYGEEKS/