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Julianne Moore Introduces L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy Haircare that Thickens Hair from Inside the Cuticle

Julianne Moore_TIFF 2014_LOrealParis

Julianne Moore's cleavage commanded attention a L'Oreal Paris TIFF cocktail event last evening in Toronto. Julianne Moore is 53. And Julianne Moore glowed in an elegant, sleek black number with a plunging vee so riveting that we can't tell you whether the she wore a dress or jumpsuit. Julianne Moore has, as the French say, une belle poitrine. Still, we learned some things.

julianne moore on being canadian and looking for what it means to be human

The Amazingly Beautiful Actress was at The Shangri-La to herald the Canadian debut of L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy haircare range for thin hair. In her remarks, she confessed to considering herself Canadian and touched on why she acts. And as she did when she was first fêted as a L'Oreal Paris spokesperson, she encourged women to celebrate themselves as they are right now.

Julianne Moore and her tres belle poitrine

"Toronto is one of my very very favourite places in the world to visit, and I consider myself -- having worked here for so long -- practically Canadian. I've been working here since 1986, and these are all the places that I've worked in Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Waterloo. So I would say that makes me Canadian.

"My first visit to the Film Festival was in the early ’90s, so early in the ’90s that it wasn't called TIFF. It was just called the Toronto Film Festival -- does anyone remember that? So younger actors I was working with started referring to it as TIFF and I actually had no idea what they were talking about. Needless to say I'm caught up and I call it TIFF now, like everybody else.

Julianne Moore TIFF 2014 L'Oreal Paris_with Frank Kollmar President of LOreal Canada

"In the early days of the Festival, when I still called it by the other name, the best part was that no-one was interested in talking to me ever, other than press, so I had all this free time to see the incredible movies that come here, movies from all over North America, and Europe and Asia, big movies and small movies, personal films and universal films, movies that I identified with and movies that encapsulated what it means to be a human being, which is why I watch them, and why I act. I'm looking for the expression of what it means to be alive, to be a human being. And that ethos, that idea -- that that which makes us most human is most interesting -- is also what guides my work with L'Oreal.

"I feel very, very fortunate to work with a company that values the very human, that what makes us human is what makes is most beautiful and valued. L'Oreal Paris tells you that you're worth it, each and every one of us. And their products are luxurious, aspirational, inclusive, glamorous, accessible, affordable and beautifully effective. And ultimately they inspire us to be more confident as we explore our potential and world possibility, which is why I'm so incredibly honoured to represent L'Oreal Paris.

julianne moore on where she shops for cosmetics and finding beauty in right now

Julianne Moore at TIFF 2014_LOrealParis

"For me, the fact that I already loved and purchased the products was a boon and a consideration in choosing to work with the brand two years ago. And because every modern woman shops everywhere -- me, primarily I shop for cosmetics and beauty care in airports and drugstores -- I really appreciate the fact that the product is accessible anywhere and to everyone.

"I love the message: because you're worth it, enjoy where you are right now in your life, pamper yourself, celebrate yourself. Sometimes I feel that we exert too much energy wishing we were younger, or when we're younger, we wish that we were older -- really, if you embrace where you are right now, you'll get to experience it because we'll never have this exact moment ever again. And I think L'Oreal understands and celebrates the fact that with experience we all become more beautiful, and they create products for all of us, every age, every skin type, every hair type.

"I've been fortunate enough to visit the L'Oreal research labs in France, and I can tell you that this mission and this passion is what drives all the scientists on a minute-by-minute basis. AND I would also like to say the one thing that I noticed is that the majority of the researchers I saw on my visit were women, which is pretty darn amazing. A lot of the people in this company are female, which I also really appreciate.

Julianne Moore_TIFF 2014_LOreal Paris

"It was eye-opening for me to see the science behind L'Oreal's products, how well researched they are. Which leads me conveniently to the second reason we're all here this evening. Tonight L'Oreal Paris is celebrating the Canadian debut of a new haircare innovation with some serious science at its core. And speaking of labs, we have one of the scientists responsible for these new products here this evening to enlighten us with the product's unique benefits and the scientific advancements -- because I am an actress, not a scientist, I will not be the one to explain them to you. So I'm going to turn the podium back to Marianne and I will rejoin you after the presentation to drink and celebrate TIFF and all our beautiful new products because we are all worth it."

l'oreal paris fibralogy haircare for thin hair

The L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy haircare, which launches in Canada in January 2015, is designed to fatten up thin hair. But it doesn't thicken thin hair by coating it -- Fibralogy promises to make thin hair thicker from the inside. A L'Oreal ingredient called filloxane is the key.

LOreal Paris Fibralogy collection_TIFF 2014_Julianne Moore

Filloxane seems to be some kind of silica-esque gel that increases in density and volume when activated (like a powder a Yorkville toy store called Kidding Awound used to sell). Its molecules are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft's outer cuticle layer and the cortex inside. Once there, filloxane bonds with negative and positive protein ions, and expands within the cortex to increase the circumferance of each strand, boosting volume and thickness of hair overall.

We know what you're thinking: how long do the effects of this Fibralogy Filloxane stuff last? According to the press materials, it takes 10 shampoos with a regular shampoo to get Filloxane out. So if you use the Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner twice a week, the Filloxane builds up inside each hair shaft -- so the volumizing and thickening results are cumulative.

LOreal Paris Fibralogy

The fruit of 17 years of research and eight years of testing, the L'Oreal Paris Fibralogy collection consists of shampoo and conditioner ($5.99 CAN each), texturizing mask ($7.49), and thickening booster ($7.49). The Fibralogy Intense Texturizing Mask is formulated with a dry oil, ceramides and candelilla wax to boost body as it conditions. The Fibralogy Thickening Booster contains a higher percentage of Filloxane than other three products and is designed for use after the shampoo, immediately before the conditioner, as a sort of layering step. It can also be used on dry hair between washes. (Note: a 30 mL tube, the thickening booster is likely to be a frequent re-purchase if you like the effects -- it contains enough to treat long hair twice and short to medium length hair four times.)

The filloxane technology is already available to Europe-based beautygeeks under the L'Oreal Paris Elseve umbrella, and to US beautygeeks in the L'Oreal Paris Volume Filler line-up. Have any of you tried either of these yet? And no, Fibralogy isn't a Canadian version of Volume Filler -- it's brand new to North America; hasn't yet launched in the US.

So, whose next-life wish is to be Julianne Moore?? Our hands are up and waving pick me! pick me! at the universe.