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MicroNail Nail Buffer Tool: Helps Nails Look Great Naked -- and Painted

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Well lovelies, here's another handy, battery-operated device upon which many of us may come to depend. With 1800 rotations per minute, the motorized MicroNail nail buffer makes nails look great naked fast, and improves nail painting too.

micronail nail buffer for nails that look good naked

MicroNail nail buffer tool from Emjoi

If you're familiar with the genius Emjoi Micropedi heel-smoothing tool, which painlessly buffs dry skin from neglected feet, you'll want to know the brand's newest contraption, especially if you do your own nails regularly.

bare nails backstage

Designed for use on dry nails,  the MicroNail nail polisher is equipped with two detachable rollers, one with a "micro-mineral" surface to smooth ridges from the nail, the other to buff the nail to a high shine. And the MicroNail delivers exactly what it promises -- ultra-smooth, ultra-glossy natural nails fast -- in 1800 360° rotations per minute.

The MicroNail was a featured item at last week's Essentials TIFF media lounge, an event designed to set media members up with TIFF survival and recovery aids. As our Liza Herz offered her hands for a MicroNail demo, I shot an impromptu video:

If you already buff and shine your nails as a manicure prep step, you know what kind of impact the MicroNail can have on your results: hello, insanely smooth application and crazy glossy nail-polish finish that looks as shiny as a gel mani. In fact, you may decide you don't need polish at all -- that natural nail shine is supposed to last up to two weeks.

The Emjoi MicroNail nail buffer tool ($59.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart and requires two AA batteries and will be available in November or December -- holiday-shopping season.

Do you buff and shine your nails regularly? Would you give this battery-operated tool a whirl? Or stick with a manual nail buffer? Oh hey, guys could use this too, right? Even though it's pink?

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