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Estee Lauder Fall 2014 Polish + Dream Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Estee Lauder fall 2014 Pure Color Matte

Estee Lauder fall 2014 polishes are matte. And lovely. And perfectly on trend. And then there’s the Dream Pink Breast Cancer Awareness duo, too. We should look, yes?

estee lauder fall 2014 = matte magic

People often say they’re astounded by the vast amount of swatches I do. Truth be told, the swatchin’ is the easy part. The writing, not so much. It’s harder to write like I talk than you’d think ’cause I talk waaaaay faster than I can type. Anyhow, I’m just gonna say this about these five Estee Lauder Fall 2014 shades: I dig ’em. They all go on in two coats (or one really generous coat) and while I’d rather have a regular polish and then matte it, these are pretty sweet. The pigments are good and the wear is... well, matte wear (i.e. not so good). Still, the shades speak to me.

Estee Lauder Polish Arm Candy Matte fall 2014

above: estee lauder fall 2014 arm candy

Estee Lauder Polish Diva Moment Matte fall 2014

avove: estee lauder fall 2014 diva moment

Estee Lauder Polish Negligee Matte fall 2014

above: estee lauder fall 2014 négligée

Estee Lauder Dark Desire Matte fall 2014

above: estee lauder fall 2014 dark desire

Estee Lauder Heart Beet Matte FW2014

above: estee lauder fall 2014 heart beet

estée lauder dream pink collection for BCA 2014

And then there’s this lovely Estee Lauder breast cancer awareness collection for 2014.

Estee Lauder Dream Pink Collection 2014

above: the evelyn lauder & elizabeth hurley dream pink collection

Estee Lauder BCA 2014 Blushing Lilac

above: estee lauder bca 2014 blushing lilac

Estee Lauder BCA 2014 Berry Hot

above: estee lauder bca 2014 berry hot

I didn’t swatch the lippy because I’m a nail gal. Maybe my sister will get around to it. (She did -- see her Estee Lauder Pure Color Longlasting Lipstick in Dream Pink swatch here.)  The Estee Lauder Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Pink Collection is $35 at and $29.50 at; it's available now via Nordstrom.

You should know that I adore Estee Lauder polish. I like the brush, I like the application, I love the pigments and I love the coverage.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy is a line of polish I don’t think gets enough recognition. It’s somewhat pricey ($25 each), and available now at Holt Renfrew and online at It’s good. Their Fall 2013 Metallics lineup was equally as spectacular as the Deborah Lippmann 2014 Fall collection we featured here.

You tried it? You got thoughts?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she found ghost Peeps today!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/