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The Scalloped Manicure Tutorial with Sally Hansen Nail Expert Melissa Forrest

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the scalloped manicure_mani by Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar

The scalloped manicure is rapidly becoming a favourite at Tips Nail Bar in Toronto. Playful and graphic or subtle depending on your colour choice, it's a streamlined way to play with nail art. Applied on just nail tips it's also become a fresh alternative to the French manicure, says Sally Hansen nail expert Melissa Forrest. And it's so easy to do on your own. In the video below, Melissa shows us how.

the scalloped manicure

The scalloped mani by Melissa Forrest_Instagram Katherine Flemming_Elle Canada

If you recall, my own obsession with the scalloped manicure started when I spotted the above image on Elle Canada Magazine beauty editor Katherine Flemming's Instagram page. (Get the details on KF's Starbucks hack here!)

the scalloped manicure by Oksana Fedio_Instagram Katherine Flemming Elle Canada

This shot is from KFlemming's Instagram page as well; manicure by Tips Nail Bar artist Oksana Fedio. So good in white! And in black-and-white.

the scalloped manicure_tulip manicure_sweetheart manicure_Melissa Forrest

This scalloped manicure in coral is from Melissa Forrest's Instagram page...

The Scalloped manicure_tulip manicure_sweetheart manicure_Melissa Forrest_Instagram is this juicy two-tone version.

the scalloped mani aka tulip mani aka sweetheart mani

The scalloped manicure has a few alternate names. On longer nails it's sometimes referred to as the tulip manicure. On smaller nails, you might call it a sweetheart manicure. We also like to call it The New French Manicure.

the scalloped manicure_tulip manicure_sweetheart manicure

In our scalloped manicure tutorial, Melissa started with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Blacky O to show technique and application options. See how different it can look? We love black as a graphic Fall shade; a deep merlot such as Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Wine Stock is a sexy option.

the scalloped manicure_the tulip manicure_the sweetheart manicure

And when the scallop is confined to the tip of the nail and painted in soft pale shade, or white à la Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Get Mod, it's the freshest, prettiest alternative to the tired French manicure ever. (It's especially appropriate for brides, doncha think?)

Here's the scalloped manicure tutorial video with lovely Melissa Forrest, whose work has also appeared in some of Canada's top publications. In addition to her how-to with Blacky O, she also shows us a pretty, office-appropriate version of the scalloped manicure in Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Greyfitti. And you should recognize those fingertips -- yep, they belong to our Karen Manigeek :-)

Although we decided you didn't need to watch an application of top coat in the video because you already know it's an essential finishing touch, we must emphasize that if you use Miracle Gel for your colour, you need the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat to get the full, Miracle Gel long-wear benefits. For more info on this line of polish, check out our Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel swatches and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel preview.

Will you try a version of the scalloped manicure yourself? And are you Team Scallop? Team Tulip? Team Sweetheart?

Opening image manicure by Leeanne Colley/Tips Nail Bar/ Please excuse the shaky moments in the video. I let Staff try her hand at filming again. *sigh*