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How to Highlight and Contour (and avoid looking like a bearded lady!)

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Highlight and contour and avoid looking like a bearded lady_Alex_after_

Conchita Wurst may have put bearded-lady beauty in the spotlight with her Eurovision 2014 win, but it hasn't really caught on in the mainstream arena. Well, not that she was out to start a trend. Yet, there's a chance, lovelies, that with one mistake, some of us have left the house with a bronzer beard. Thankfully, as is the way in cosmetic arts, there's a solution. Whether you're new to defining your bone structure or reasonably comfortable with shaping your face with makeup, there's something for you in the video demo below. With model Alex as his canvas, makeup pro and "CityLine" expert Dino Dilio shows us how to highlight and contour, and how to avoid a bearded lady look.

highlight and contour (without looking like a bearded lady)

Highlight and Contour and Avoid Looking Like a Bearded Lady_before after

Beautygeeks love when a makeup artist can speak to a popular makeup trend and throw out tips we haven't all heard before. That's the case with makeup artist and "CityLine" expert Dino Dilio, who has worked with Rachel McAdams, Kim Cattrall and India Hicks. In the video tutorial below, Dino brings us new highlight and contour tricks we can add to what we've already picked up from Guerlain's Maxime Poulin. With lovely model Alex (she looks like a cross between Kate Moss and Alyssa Milano, yes?), he shows us exactly where to position our contour shade, how to shape our jawlines (and avoid that bearded lady look), as well as how to spotlight our eyes.

recap of highlight and contour tips from Dino Dilio

  • use a low-sheen or matte bronzer two shades darker than your skintone for contouring (Dino uses an oversized bronzer from Quo cosmetics; options include Cargo Cosmetics Matte Bronzer, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola or Hello Flawless Powder two shades darker than your complexion, and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish)
  • contour directly under the cheekbone from hairline to outer edge of eye
  • to contour the jawline, start from the underside of the jaw and feather bronzer up very lightly
  • you can highlight with a simply pale, shimmery eye shadow (Dino uses an ivory shade from a Quo eye shadow quad)
  • a bit of highlight on the lower part of the jawline, between the cheekbone contour and the jawline contour, will make cheekbones pop even more
  • use liquid concealer set with your highlight powder to spotlight eyes and cupid's bow
  • finish with a fluffy brush and your regular pressed face powder to soften areas you think are too dark or too light

What do you think? Are any of these highlight and contour tips from Dino Dilio new to you? Have you ever done that bearded lady thing??