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Buzz Huneedew: Makeup with a Nod to Britney, Christina, and Pat McGrath, Too

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Happy Friday, Beautygeeks! Something totally fun today, lovelies. It's a bit of a departure from our usual fare -- I'm geeking out over this makeup on 19-year-old performance artist Buzz Huneedew. In particular I totally dig the eye makeup (that eyeliner and those lashes!), and want to know more about that full-coverage foundation. I'm no expert in drag beauty, but something about this look is different from most of what I've seen. Plus it turns out Ms Huneedew, who lives in Toronto, is a beautygeek herself, inspired by the talent of noted makeup artists Pat McGrath and Illamasqua's Alex Box. And she's totally willing to share some of her makeup tricks with us.

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I'm not the only one wants to know what Buzz Huneedew uses for foundation, am I? I mean, there are days our skin wants more coverage than we get from our usual BB or light foundation formula. In fact, I think many, many women need a higher level of foundation coverage than not. And who knows more about hard-working, full-coverage makeup than stage performers? 

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How do you get your skin so flawless? Tell us about your foundation and sculpting routine!

Buzz Huneedew: My foundation routine is very sort of old-school drag. I start with Dermablend Professional Cover Creme ($39, available at and which is amazing! Its designed for covering scars, burns and tattoos, so it definitely covers my man face and lasts forever. I work it in with my fingers kind of messily just to warm it up and then buff it in to the skin with a dense makeup brush (I love my Real Techniques Buffing Brush for this).

After I put on my initial layer of foundation, I go in with lighter and darker cream foundations to do highlighting and contouring. Nothing new or outrageous going on here; drag queens (and Kim Kardashian) have been doing this for a hot minute. My Make Up For Ever Flash Colour Case ($105, available at Sephora) is great for this. I use the white for a highlight and the brown for contour. I'll typically mix the brown shade with a bit of the blue to cool it down. I find a cooler toned contour creates a way more convincing shadow than the warmer, terra-cota bronzer-y shades a lot of girls use. I do my eyes and brows, powder everything and then go back in with powder contours and highlights to reinforce what I initially laid down with the creams.


Omigod, that fabulous eyeliner treatment. What do you use?

BH: Liner is my least favourite part; as everyone knows, it's so easy to mess up. Any old liquid liner will do for me. I draw it on super thick and curvy and I'll typically draw a white line stacked on top to keep it from being MAC Acrylic Paint ($25, available at is great for this. My character and aesthetic is so girly and pastel and ridiculous that I find it really hard to wear anything black, let alone use it in my makeup.


Love those lashes, too, top and bottom.

BH: Between top and bottom eyelashes, I generally wear between three and four pairs. My holy-grail lashes are the Illamasqua "Lush" Lash ($18, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales). I love them because they are enormous, but also a little bit imperfect, almost "hairy" looking. I'm not really into that perfect, shiny, swoop-y drag lash look. I'll put these on top of any old shorter denser lash to fill them out of a little bit. I'm not too picky about lower lashes, any old pair of "real girl" top lashes usually do the trick, but I'll never do a look without them. I also really love to switch it up and do a white lash -- it totally inverts the whole intention of a look.


Who are your inspirations for these looks?

BH: I'd say the basis for my look is that archetypal, 00's teenage girl superstar character that I grew up with. Britney, Christina, Mariah, Hilary Duff, all that millennial, early-Internet, Bush-era fluff. Those types of looks and characters were everywhere when I was a kid and were very much my first exposure to the notion of femininity and glamour that I'm very nostalgic about and obsessed with. So you're always going to get a lot of pink, blonde, plastic, gemstones and glitter with me. From there, say she goes to jail, or 18th Century France or whatever. I love using makeup as a way of giving a look context, and adding depth to its story.

In terms of like real people, I'm obsessed with Pat McGrath's runway makeup for Dior in the early 00's, which is where I take a lot of inspiration in terms of the actual shapes and textures I use with my makeup. Alex Box is also amazing, and Mathu Andersen is a genius too.

How long does it take you to get into full Buzz Huneedew splendour?

BH:It's hard to say exactly how long it takes me, as I can really make use of all the time I can get. I'd say on average, I spend between two and two and a half hours with my makeup, and another hour or so finishing up everything else. I love to stretch it out as long as possible when I get the chance!

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Do you have thoughts? Have any of you been wondering about full-coverage foundation? (FYI, Vichy has a Dermablend line of foundations, too.) What do you think of Buzz Huneedew's makeup?

Photographs of Buzz Huneedew by Alejandro Santiago. For more info on Buzz Huneedew visit her Facebook page.