YSL Fall 2014 Makeup and Nails Collection: Badass Beauty

YSL Fall 2014 makeup_leather accent eyeshadow palette

Badass. That's the word for the star item in the YSL Fall 2014 makeup and nails collection. Rocker-chic or biker-chic works, too, as a description of the sleek, leather-topped palette. Or mine.

ysl fall 2014 makeup and nails

YSL Fall 2014 makeup_Cara Delevingne close-up

The YSL Fall 2014 makeup and nails collection includes the usual array of gotta-haves for the amped-up intensity of a post-summer face. See: badass model Cara Delevingne.

YSL Fall 2014 Makeup_collection select

From left: YSL Gloss Volupte in 106 Cuir Grenat ($35, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales ), YSL Collector Palette Fetiche ($64, available at The Bay and Nordstrom), YSL Babydoll Mascara in Rock Ultra Black ($36 available at The Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue), YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in 40 Beige Peau ($38, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales), and YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in 210 Nude Acoustic ($39, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales).

YSL Fall 2014 makeup_eyeshadow compact with leather lid

The more I look at the limited-edition Collector Palette Fetiche in its I-break-the-rules black leather, the more I love it. Hawt.

YSL Fall 2014 makeup_Collector Palette Fetiche open

Again, the YSL Fall 2014 Collector Palette in Fetiche -- distinctive name, non? As per the YSL Ready-to-Wear how-to-wear-it eyeshadow chart here, the base shade is the top left, iridescent Bright Copper. The highlight is the top right, a luminous Warm Gold. Accent shades are Opulent Brown (centre), a gorgeous deep Amazon Green (bottom right; looks a bit blue here because of the way the light hit it), and a matte Infused Black (bottom left). The palette comes with a little insert that suggests shade-combination options to try.

YSL Fall 2014 makeup_matte lipsticks

YSL Fall 2014 Rouge Pur Couture The Mats ($39, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales) in 208 Fuchsia Fetiche, 207 Rose Perfecto, and 210 Nude Acoustic. These matte-finish lipsticks are limited-edition; I need 208 Fuchsia Fetiche stat.

YSL Fall 2014 makeup_Gloss Volupte and Gloss Stain

YSL Fall 2014 Gloss Volupte ($35, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales) in 210 Beige Nu and 106 Cuir Grenat (the shade is a deeper, browner red than it appears here.) These are core shades, as is the YSL Glossy Stain ($38, available at The Bay and Bloomingdales) in 40 Beige Peau.

YSL Fall 2014 makeup nail polishes

Limited-edition YSL Fall 2014 La Laque Couture in 52 Bleu Galuchat and 53 Taupe Graine ($27 each, available at The Bay and Nordstrom), both sexy, deep rebellious shades with a pebbled leather-like finish.

YSL Vernis 52 Bleu Galuchat_YSL Fall 2014

"Inspired by leather or inspired by OPI Liquid Sand? You decide," says our mani-geek Karen, who used three coats to get the finishes you see here.

YSL Vernis Taupe Graine_YSL Fall 2014
YSL Fall 2014 makeup_complete collection

Does anything call to you? Anyone else caught by that sleek, sexy Collector Palette in Fetiche with its full-grain black leather top?