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Eau de Gaga is a lighter scent that plays nicely with boys and girls. Did you catch that, fellas? You can wear Lady Gaga's new eau de parfum too.
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Eau de Gaga_Ad visual for Lady Gaga's new perfume

Eau de Gaga: the promotional image for Lady Gaga's new, universal fragrance

My jaw dropped when I sniffed Eau de Gaga, the new fragrance from Lady Gaga due this December from Coty. I like it! Even better, I can wear it. That's because it's not a cloying sweet perfume like the last one, Fame. This one is "universal" -- that's the new word for unisex, apparently. Eau de Gaga is a lighter scent that plays nicely with boys and girls. Did you catch that, fellas? You can wear Lady Gaga's new eau de parfum too.

eau de gaga: lady gaga's new fragrance

Eau de Gaga_Lady Gaga's follow-up to Fame

Eau de Gaga: it's the anti-Fame in this classic black lacquer flaçon with clean lines

Eau de Gaga is a floral woody scent with sparkling lime as its opening act, followed by white violet and leather. Isn't the  black lacquer bottle lovely? All clean lines and spare elegance.

Eau de Gaga ad visual

Eau de Gaga: more like for the adventurous woman and the man who steals the bottle

And what do you think of the ad visual? I think Gaga looks fantastic -- that hair, that liner, that gown. Photoshopped, but fantastic. The photographer is Steven Klein. The perfumer who created Eau de Gaga is Ursula Wandel of Givaudan. (Fun fact: she created Naomi Campbell for Women.)

The new scent will be available in two sizes, 50 mL eau de parfum ($59) and 100 mL ($79). Actually, make that three sizes: a 75 mL "Ultimate Masterpiece" will be available, complete with a red folding jewelry box lined in black velvet.

Oh, and this time around, unlike the Gaga-Gate fiasco, Lady Gaga announced the release herself via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. At the moment, it looks as though it'll launch in Canada before the US; betcha Gaga has something in the works that she's just keeping secret right now.

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