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Peanuts by OPI Limited Edition Halloween 2014 Collection

OPI Peanuts Halloween 2014 Beautygeeks

Good grief! (Ha! See what I did there?) Is it Halloween already? Nope, it isn’t but OPI has announced their limited edition 4-shade seasonal collection and I got your Peanuts! Yep, Peanuts by OPI.

peanuts by opi

OPI Good Grief Peanuts by OPI Halloween 2014 Beautygeeks

above: peanuts by opi good grief! I love yellow nail polish. I do. I also love yellow nail polish that in two coats provides totally opaque coverage. This one is almost perfect. The formula is a teeny tiny bit thin and has a tendency to reach for the cuticle but if you’re careful and know that going in, you can get nice clean lines. Also, it matches Charlie Brown’s shirt. Does yellow really get any better? I think not.

OPI To Be or Not To Beagle Peanuts by OPI Halloween 2014

above: peanuts by opi to be or not to beagle over good grief! S’glitter. S’clear polish with all that glitter stuffed into it. I used two coats over my two coats of OPI Good Grief and I think I rather like it. Somehow, even with all the different stuff in it, it’s not too overwhelming. OPI says it's all about "Snoopy's happy-dance of colours in a joyful glitter." Okay.

OPI Where's My Blanket Peanuts by OPI Halloween 2014

above: peanuts by opi where’s my blanket??? over good grief!  Three question marks – that’s how many are after the name. I think one would have sufficed but hey, that’s just me. What you’re looking at here is two coats of OPI Where’s My Blanket??? over two coats of OPI Good Grief! Again, it’s confetti in a clear coat but this time without the bar glitter. There are pale orange hex confetti bits in there which is about as close to Halloween as this whole collection ever comes.

OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy Peanuts by OPI Halloween 2014

above: peanuts by opi who are you calling bossy?!? (again with the weird punctuation) Inspired by Lucy’s raven hair, we have a fairly decent black polish. Is it special? Nope. Is it black? Yep. It takes two coats to get to what you see there so it won’t replace my favourite OCW black but it’s still nice to use OPI product with an OPI topcoat! Wanna see?

OPI Where's My Blanket over Black Peanuts by OPI Halloween 2014

above: peanuts by opi where’s my blanket??? over who are you calling bossy?!? That’s two confetti coats over two coats of the black and then you’re going to want to topcoat to level it all out. It’s cool. I dig it.

Peanuts by OPI Mini Set

above: the OPI Little Peanuts mini pack ($17.50CAD) will include four mini shades plus ten instant nail-art decals.

OPI Peanuts Nail Stickers

The 15mL Peanuts by OPI nail lacquers ($11.50CAD) will be available beginning September 2014. Don’t forget it’s all limited edition, people! If you’re a collector of all things Peanuts or all things OPI, you’d best get ’em before they’re gone.

ps. if I was a girl who could art, I'd have arted all these things on my yellow nails using that black polish. Sadly, I can't art but maybe you can!

OPI Yellow Comparison Swatches

pps. comparison swatches of some OPI yellows - for those of you who needa know.

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Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she’s suddenly craving pumpkin pie) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/