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Rimmel Rita Ora 60 Second Polish -- AKA It's Not You, It's The Brush

Rimmel Rita Ora Fall 2014 Composite Beautygeeks

I don’t know who Rita Ora is. Or didn’t. But now I do ’cause she has her name on a capsule collection for Rimmel Fall 2014. I got the Rimmel Rita Ora 60 Second polish. Wanna see?

I live under a rock. I work and I polish and I watch Deadliest Catch. That’s what I do. Lucky for you, people send me stuff in between those things that grab my attention.

For a long, long time, I’ve been a fan of Rimmel polish. My first was Zeitgeist and I no longer have a bottle but if I did, you can be sure I’d show it to you. I do have a couple other older Rimmel shades to show you before we get to Rita Ora – that’s okay by you, right?

Rimmel Be A Star 626

above: rimmel be a star 626 The internet doesn’t go back far enough for me to find the original release date but I’m seeing late 2003 and that sounds right to me. This bottle pre-dates the lycra formula and it was one of my very first OCW polishes ever. It was my go-to when I had to do my nails and get out the door fast. You can tell how much I love it because after all these years, I still have it. And she dries fast. Like 60 seconds fast.

Rimmel Movie Star 627

above: rimmel movie star 627 Another from the Stars collection that was and still is a quick drying OCW. The pigment and coverage in these shades is spectacular – it’s no wonder I still have them in my hoard, right?

Rimmel Sunny Days 170 Beautygeeks

above: rimmel sunny days 170 Then there’s the later version of the Rimmel 60 seconds polish. It’s not as good. Nope. It took me 3 good coats to get the coverage you see here but I still love this shade of yellow so for me, it’s worth the work and the dry time (which is so not 60 seconds -- more like 30 minutes). This one you can still get all over the place as of today.

rimmel rita ora shades

Rimmel Rita Ora White Hot Love

above: rimmel rita ora white hot love I do really love white polishes but not so much when they apply like Liquid Paper. I encourage you to click the image to enlarge it so you can see the streaks and imperfect coverage I got in 2 coats. From arms length, it looks okay but closer, meh.

Rimmel Rita Ora Lose Your Lingerie

above: rimmel rita ora lose your lingerie A lovely soft lightly frosted pale pink that needed 2 good thick coats for decent coverage. The brush was a tad uneven and resulted in tiny little blips at the cuticle line. It’s pretty though and much less streaky than the White Hot Love I showed you above.

Rimmel Rita Ora 2014 Breakfast in Bed 1 coat

above: rimmel rita ora breakfast in bed Okay, so here’s were I started to fight with this line of polish. After having to do multiple coats of these supposed “one-coat nail polishes” (it says that right on the bottle where it also says “dries in less than 60 seconds”), I began to get slightly frustrated. I actually got bubbles in this coat. I never get bubbles in anything so I was all like “Whaaat?”.

Rimmel Rita Ora 2014 Breakfast in Bed 2 coats

above: rimmel rita ora breakfast in bed coat #2 Then, after the first streaky coat, I let it dry some and did the second coat. Clicking the image will again make it larger and you might be able to see that while the coverage at the cuticle isn’t spectacular (due in large part to another slightly wonky brush), at least it hid the tiny bubbles but still left streaks. I don't like streaks.

Rimmel Polish Do Not Disturb Rita Ora

above: rimmel rita ora do not disturb Omigosh what a total nightmare this one was. Out of spite, and with mucho careful pushing, smooshing, pulling and finesse, I made it perfect. How? Very, very, carefully. That’s 2 super-thick coats. Why? Because of this brush…

Rimmel Rita Ora Brushes

above: rimmel rita ora do not disturb brush This brush is the stuff of polish nightmares. Sometimes, it’s not you, it’s the brush. Here I’ve wiped it off and dipped it in pure acetone to clean it so you can 100% see what a crappy brush looks like. How the hell is anyone supposed to get a clean line with a brush that looks it was attacked by a Weed Whacker? How? A bad brush makes me angry and I expected so much more than this from Rimmel.

Rimmel Rita Ora 2014 Midnight Rendezvous

above: rimmel midnight rendezvous Again, if you click, you’ll get the bigger picture and in it, you’ll see what is for me, a massive cuticle gap. Why the gap? Well it’s because I got another one of those crappy brushes so if I’d gone any closer to the cuticle, there’d be beautiful deep purple polish all over my cuticles and up into my sidewalls. I can’t stand not achieving polish perfection. Really, I can’t. Yes, you’re thinking it looks fine and really, I guess it does. It just doesn’t look perfect. Yes, I have a little OCD when it comes to the cuticle gap – luckily, it’s a disorder that can be very easily avoided with a proper brush.

Rimmel Rita Ora Don't Be Shy

above: rimmel rita ora don’t be shy Finally. This is what Rimmel polish should be – almost. Instead of being one coat for full coverage it was two. That’s okay – that’s normal. And the brush was a good, cleanly cut brush. And the colour is a really great vibrant pink. Having to slog through five bottles with crap brushes made this shade a dream come true. This one, I’d buy (even though it took about 8 minutes to dry to touch).

final thoughts on rimmel rita ora

If you’re going shopping for any of these shades because you love the color, I absolutely think you should pop the top and check the brush before you buy. Did I love it? No. Would I buy it? No. When a company is brave enough to say “one-coat nail polishes. Dries in 60 seconds” on the bottle, they should perhaps live up to their claim.

Rimmel lies

None of it is a OCW and none of it dries in 60 seconds. But it used to be so – in 2003 when everything was filled with quick-dry toxic chemicals. I don’t know what happened to the 60 Seconds line but I’m afraid I’m no longer a fan. I’d much rather spring for the Rimmel Salon Pro line that I showed you here or use my ancient bottles of Rimmel stars.

Rimmel Rita Ora fall 2014

Rimmel’s Fall 2014 Capsule Collection 60 Seconds Nail Polish by Rita Ora ($3.99 CAD at or $1.50 USD at Walmart in the States) is available at mass market retailers as of now.

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (somebody make me a sammich!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/

*OCW = one coat wonder